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Suzuki Reno... never again

...During my first test drive with that car I thought the driving is acceptable for short distances, like driving to workplace every day. But it is not ! In no way! Even not for short distances. It probably better than going by foot, but maybe not safer.The suspension is simply horrible. The car is going up and down like a boat, even in curves, wich gives you a very bad and unsafe feeling. The automatic transmission is shifting or not, it seems to be a matter of luck, wich is especially not very nice while you are passing a truck.The interior looks OK, but if you are using the car for a longer...

Suzuki Reno '05 Problems!
Source: Edmunds

...After one month (9/06) the steering joint had to be replaced, I also had an oil leak and the valve cover gasket needed replaced. 11/06 I had to have the power steering system flushed and the fuel emission serviced. 1/07 The following needed replaced: Front strut upper mountings, bearings, and sway bar links. Luckily most of these repairs were covered under the bumper-to-bumper warranty. I had a brake from repairs until 5/08, the power steering sensor had to be replaced along with the drivers seat assembly. I've had some starting and idling issues and now I have a really hard time starting it...

Cool little car
Source: Edmunds

...Good car for the price with a good warranty. Comfortable, good looking. Lots of base price features. It's zippy, quiet, and rides well...

worst car ever owned

..."This car is the worst car ive ever had.Its been in
the shop more than in my possesion.I would not recommend this car to my worst enemy.Suzuki messed up when they installed the Daiwoo engines in these cars.This did it for me, no more suzuki's."...

Good lil suzi
Source: Edmunds

...I bought my Swift GT from my buddy's uncle 9 years ago.
It had about 130,000 miles on it then. It currently has 245,780 miles on it now still running strong its quick good on gas.
Outside of reguler maitenance repairs I've never had a problem with it.
Me and my wife and 2 kids have drove from South Carolina to Reno Nevada every year for the past 6 years becase it gets such great gas mileage.
Good head and leg room im 6 ft3 in and I've been comfortable enough in it...

Very reliable get around car!

..."I can't believe the two previous reviews based on the fact that this is an "economy car".
I bought this little car fro my 69 year old mom two years ago and she adores it!
Great gas mileage and reliable transportation that does not cost a fortune! I would not recommend for someone with long commutes or lots of highway driving, but to get around town, great car!"...

reliable with FANTASTIC gas mileage!

..."I haven't had any of the issues that the previous reviewers mentioned.
The only time my Reno has been in the shop was for tires. I am completely spoiled by the gas mileage, i drive quite a bit for my job and can usually go 2 weeks on one tank."...

Love My Reno
Source: Edmunds

...I love my car, and how it hasn't broken down yet. I've owned mine for about six months now. The interior is very roomy, and the instrument panel is very simple and logical. Styling is very European, and there's plenty of space in the trunk. My only real complaint about it, is that I wish there were a more powerful engine option. I know this is an economy car, but I really wish that it had like the SX-4 engine option. The suspension could be a little stiffer, I mean it handles well, but I'd like less body roll. Again I know this is an economy car, but sometimes you may have to do some...

My '08 Reno
Source: Edmunds

...I just bought my '08 Reno a few days ago, and so far I'm very impressed with its performance and ride quality.
MPG aren't too bad, but they could be a little better.
For about 20-25 dollars you could expect to ride for a pretty good bit on a full tank.
That's pretty good compared to a much bigger vehicle.
My roommate has a minivan, and that take anywhere from thirty to forty dollars to fill up, and gas doesn't last half as long as it does in mine.
I'm 24, and this is my very first vehicle, and so far I'm very happy, and well satisfied with my purchase...

Real Performance
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: This Ferrari accelerates like a dream. I had the pleasure of driving it from Reno to Las Vegas and it would go 120mph with only a little hint on the pedal.
Don't get this car without the F1 gearbox, you might not like it at the dealer but it increases the Ferrari's performance considerably.
Cons: EXPENSIVE to buy and do repairs on. You pay luxury tax, gas guzzler tax, and others, believe me the price really inflates.
Servicing the car at 5000 miles cost $6000 and that didn't even include replacement parts.
On a lesser note, the seatbelts can be uncomfortable Overall:...

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