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Grand Vitara
Source: Edmunds

...This is an excellent car for in most categories. The major problem is interior room.
Children even have a hard time sitting in the back seat. However, the car is great for around town and has plenty of power to play with. Solid construction...

Ultimate SUV
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: It would be nice to see the leather and sunroof come back to the Grand Vitara model. Overall: The older Grand Vitara's couldn't even compare to the 2003's interior...

Grand -Grand Vitara!
Source: Edmunds

...Excellent all round use vehicle. Strong work horse. 30% of time pulls a 2 ton boat on trailer!...

Small, but a real machine
Source: Edmunds

...Suzuky Grand Vitara probably is the smaller SUV around the world but its performance in and out the road make this auto a great, real and powerfull machine...

No Your Average Little Cute-ute
Source: Edmunds

...When choosing to buy a small SUV, the GV was my only choice. After reading critics praising the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4, it never changed my mind on buying the GV over the other two. The shift on the fly 4X4 with hi/low makes the GV more versatile the both the CRV and RAV4. The exterior is masculine and the interior is just right. The V6 155 hp engine is quiet and smooth. If you want a grocery getter, buy a Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4... If you want a rugged 4x4 that has confidence to play with the big boys, buy a Suzuki Grand Vitara...

1999 suzuki grand vitara
Source: Edmunds

...Vehicle has been a problem since day 1 vibration in
steering wheel took two years to get fixed.(bad steering knuckle which damaged all my tires which i had to pay to replace even though i had taken it in a number of times for them to repair vibration
!!!!!!! bad switch in transmission-dealer had car for 4 weeks waiting for part etc.
etc. suzuki customer service were totally worthless (they actually returned my call almost 2 weeks after i left message!!!) i could go on and on with problems. very disappointing!!!!!!!...

2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara
Source: Edmunds

...Great all around small SUV; can cruise at 65 MPH in 4WD pulling a 1000 pound trailer. Never got stuck anywhere --and I do take this through the woods. Has a very nice sound system...

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