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Most Fun Vehicle I Have Ever Driven.
Source: CarGurus

...Dont let the feint of heart drive this car or they will end up hurting themselves. You have got to have respect for it or you will get in trouble really quickly...

solid vehicle

..."We purchased a base Impreza sedan with a 5 speed, and it has plenty of power, handles well, is very solid and gets good mileage with the manual.
My only significant complaint is the small trunk, which is apparently corrected in the 2012."...

Three-time Impreza owner

...the interior is well thought out although a bit utilitarian, the engine has a good amount of torque (but becomes winded on the top end), and fits a decent amount of people and/or stuff when asked. Over the years though (starting with the 2008 model year), the Impreza lineup has lost some of it's sporting nature. The newer chassis, while a bit more forgiving and comfortable, is soft and with pronounce body roll that sometimes resembles a boat on a windy day. I wish that the creators of the Impreza line had a bit more of the "zoom zoom" mentality when determining how the car was going to look...

Subaru Wrx
Source: CarGurus

...Great car. love the Subaru sound from the unequal length headers and the blow off valve.
good gas milage. 0-60 in around 5.4 runs the 1/4 in 12.5 at 126 mph. extremely fun to drive. great saloon would take it over any evo...

Subaru Forever
Source: CarGurus

...Performance- acceleration,braking,handling,comfort,its really fun to drive this car,
its a car that should mainly be used for sports purposes(sprinted driving,track racing,off roading,Rally) but it can as well be used for family purposes...

Beware of 2012 Impreza 2.0i (Base) CVT
Source: Edmunds

...PLEASE BE AWARE -- The CVT Automatic transmission in the Impreza 2.0i base model is NOT the same as that available in the rest of the line.
It does NOT have the up/down shift function on the steering wheel.
Even though it lists this version of the transmission as "CVT Auto Transmission with Manual Shift" on the order form and on the window sticker -- there is nothing "manual" about it.
2012 Imprezas were available for test driving at the time.) There is still nothing that notes this in ANY of Subaru's online website nor...

buyer's remorse
Source: Edmunds

...I have major buyers remorse from this purchase. My husband convinced me that this was my dream car and it surely is NOT
!!! The seats in this car are so uncomfortable, I have constant lower backpain from driving this vehicle.
I would not recommend this car to a friend or even an enemy.
There is no lumbar support even offered in the Impreza.
This would probably be a better suited car for a high school kid that has absolutely no back issues is in perfect shape and does not care about comfort in a vehicle...

1st Subaru owned of many to come
Source: Edmunds

...I had never owned a Subaru before and neither had anyone in my family.
In the 90's I was drawn away from the brand just because of the somewhat biased social stigmatism attached to the company.
When my old truck blew it's motor two years ago I knew that I wanted an AWD car and began looking into Subarus.
I was first looking at the Impreza Sport because of the size and versatility of the vehicle but immediately fell in love with the wide body design of the 2011 Impreza WRX.
Took a test drive and the rest, as they say, is history.
A little over a year and 16,000 miles...

This Was My Fun Car
Source: CarGurus

...Great performance...especially on the miles and miles of dirt and mountain roads we had in Vermont...

best car for the money

..."Solid, great handling, safe awd car for a good price.
The Impreza has a personality.I have owned many vehicles but found the Impreza a delight to drive,
gives me confidence on the road, whether it be windy or blowing snow I trust this car to get me there, unlike some small awd suv's that feel like there ready to tip over."...

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