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Good Family Car
Source: Edmunds

...I like my Saab 900SE, because it has plenty of room for my family of 4, great storage capacity, and is a blast to drive.
We've had one or two repairs, but parts were reasonable, and it didn't cost too much.
It' great for driving in bad weather, and for my money it looks and drives a lot better than the Subaru Impreza that was second on our list...

I feel safe driving it and it is reliable

..."This car has probably saved my life on two occasions when I needed to maneuver in a dangerous way that really exceeded my actual skill.
The all wheel drive is significantly better in performance than some other vehicles laying claim to all wheel drive.
I average 23 mpg and the best I've ever gotten was 27.5 in mixed driving.It is zippy and fun to drive, and the wrx is even better way better, as far as zip goes.
I've driven both I actually prefer mine for mpg mainly.It is very reliable and all the mechanics I've dealt with regarded it as well made.
The interior is not so...

Most WONDERFUL car ever.

..."Its a fabulous all around car. It has a sleek beautiful design, and is incredibly comfortable to drive.
Its got a pretty great sound system, a 6 disk CD changer as well as a radio and a tape deck.
Its very very very fast and handles superbly. I love the AWD - especially on curvy freeways like the 110 near Pasadena
!!! It feels well built, solid and powerful to drive and is surprisingly roomy inside.
The wagon version has lots of room for toting stuff around as the back seats fold down easily and create lots of room for larger items."...

Subaru Redeemed
Source: Edmunds

...I owned nothing but Surarus from 1972-87 and then went back in 2002, buying a Legacy Outback.
The car was virtually impossible to drive smoothly in low gear (manual) and I complained to Subaru for three years.
They offered a small compensation amount and just before Christmas it bucked one too many times so I was off to the dealership.
I had some trepidation and tested this model in every possible situation before buying.
I have had it a month and found it a delight--stable, spunky and fun to drive.
I use it for commuting, errands and a very occasional 4-5 hour trip...

i love this car
Source: still impressed me even with the amount of miles on it. it has the power i want, the handling i'll use, and the brakes to stop me. ok so it might be kind of an ugly car with those headlights but who cares. i didnt get it for the looks. i cant wait for the snow to come so i can tear up some back road with the awd. dirt roads are a blast to go insane on. the car doesnt even get sideways, it sticks to whatever your driving on like its pavement. so it might not have the insane power of some other cars or the crazy torque, who cares, i dont want to spend a lot of money on tires like some other...

Most Reliable Car I've Owned

..."Most Reliable Car I've Owned! Very good handling. Great for car enthusiasts who are looking for a great AWD drivetrain and loads of power.
WRX and STI models a must for great features. Very good with part compatability and performance enhancment."...

amazing performance for the money

...the ride is comfortable, even with my 2in lowering kit. long rides can be a bit uncomfortable, but i often take 2-3 hr trips with no back pain. with an aftermarket turbo xs exhaust the sound in INTOXICATING. there is simply no other car out there with the same sound. you can tell its a wrx with out even looking. this is the first car iv owned that i can actually say "im happy with it how it is." do not hesitate. go out and buy one RIGHT NOW. and if you can afford it, get the STI, you wont regret it."...

No torque

..."You have to have it reved up to squeeze any power out of it. No torque at low RPM. Handles great. Nice car for the average Joe."...

My Review
Source: Edmunds

...Overall a good car. Bought it used and so far have not had any major problems with it.
Parts and labor are a little expensive. Not too much visibility from the driver's seat when backing up. Seats not very comfortable...

Best fun car for the $

..."WRX is the best fun car for the money. I've had it for four years now and no major problems.
The car has been very reliable. The only two complaints
are the mediocre break system and awful stock tires (Bridgestone Potenza RE's) which limit the opportunities to unleash the horses with the turbo.
This is the car you'd like to be in on a long winding suburban road."...

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