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Great car for young drivers!

..."Subarus combine AWD with all of today's modern safety features like air bags, ABS and excellent crash testing to make this the safest used car for the money by far!
Forester, in particular, adds the benefit of being classified an SUV (cute ute) and that gives it a low insurance risk rating. That's very important if you're insuring a young driver!"...

Lasted 36 miles
Source: Edmunds

...We leased a Forester, drove it roughly 35 miles and the starter, alternator, battery died. Brand new Forester, dead as a doornail. Jumping, charging... nothing but clicks which means the starter is DEAD. Leased it Saturday, now it's a Wednesday and we still have no new car... we have a small little rental car. BEWARE of Subaru, this is 2 for 2 with troubled cars... Be your own judge but just know that we have had nothing but issues with the two cars we got. We will NEVER buy another again...

A niche car, but fits perfectly in it.
Source: Edmunds

...I've owned my Forester XT for 6 years now, and it has been a very fun car.
The only repair I've had is the alternator. It's far faster than it looks and I love being able to floor it on the highway in 5th and it just goes.
It looks good, carries a fair amount of stuff when I go camping, and is great in the snow...



Great Bang for the Buck

...This is not a road racer or drag strip deamon but it's fine on the highway, between stop lights. Fit and finish are very good. Actually cheaper than the PT Cruiser it replaced -twice the car. While it can negotiate terrain, it's not an off the road vehicle. Getting a steady 21+ mpg around town. Radio is more than adequate but not premium (this was a very basic car in the Forester line). Still came with power windows and locks. Steers and brakes well. The AWD, antiskid and Traction Control all seem to be fine. Thought I was being clever buying the car and as I look around and see how many are...

Last New Car?

..."I just turned 59 and wanted to buy a solid, reliable car that will accomodate multiple musical instrments while seating 3 passengers.
I bought the base model and find it well equipped.
In a typical Colorado week in early March, I have driven in Sun, snow, rain and sleet.
In all conditions it drives as if on rails. I find the ride quiet, solid and strong with plenty of pick up, even climbing steep grades.
If this car lasts like most Subarus, it may well be the last car I purchase."...

Bought a Premium and it's PREMIUM
Source: Edmunds

...We love it. I checked out Santa Fe and Tuscon but chose this.
Comfortable, smooth, plenty of pep. What do you need? First Subaru.
I drove it two days on my over 100 mile commute round trip and got 27 mpg while it is new not broke in yet.
I just bought it for my wife. $24,800 premium, added remote start, fog lights, all-weather mats, cargo tray, dog divider and bumper cover...

After One Year
Source: Edmunds

...I have owned my 2011 Subaru Forester Limited for one year now.
Here are the facts: Fun to drive Good gas mileage (getting around 22 in town and 28 on highway if not loaded down).
My wife has the 2011 outback and gets even better mileage but it has the CVT transmission instead of the Foresters 4 speed transmission.
Waiting for Subaur to change the transmission in the Forester.
Rating: Consumer Reports (which I trust) rates the vehicle very high and is one of the reasons I purchased the Forester.
The other influencing factor was the AWD. Ride: I found the ride to be...

My 5th Subaru

...I am happy nonetheless with what I am getting – 24 MPG mixed use, and 28 MPG on the highway. If I’m really carful and keep it under 65 MPH I can get 32 MPG on the highway. I think people who get less than 20 MPG with this vehicle must have a “lead foot”.My wife, 11 year old, and I just took a 600 mile road trip and all of us found the comfort level perfectly acceptable – including the seats. I think if you’re around average height you’ll find the seats comfortable too. The Forester is certainly not as quiet as my dad’s Cadillac, but I didn’t buy it for a quiet ride.I will...

Bought used in 2011 - my 6th Subaru
Source: Edmunds

...Had a 2002 Outback automatic - a great car but wanted to go back to a manual transmission.
Really enjoy driving this Forester - somehow it rides better than the Outback with a shorter wheelbase.
Excellent visibility, easy to get in and out of. Geared lower than my '98 Outback which turned around 3200 rpm @ 65mph, the Forester is around 2750.
Engine has enough torque to handle moderate hills in 5th gear.
Never feels under powered. A lot of room for it's size - cargo capacity very close to an '02 Grand Cherokee.
Feels like a sports car with high seating. Bought it at...

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