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Jon's Review
Source: Edmunds

...I am very pleased with my Scion xA. I have only experienced very minor problems (driver door adjustment). My only complaint is the air conditioner seems a little weak and is slow to cool down...

GREAT First Car!

..."This is my first car, and I have to say that it has set my expectations pretty high for future cars.
I bought it used last October with only 44,000 miles on it, and I haven't had any problems with it.
Aside from the expected wear-n-tear, the car still looks great on the outside AND inside, and the owner before me had put a body kit and a 6-disc CD player in it, so I definitely got my money's worth.
The little thing is a gas sipper, even though I almost exclusively drive in the city - I get gas every 9 or 10 days.
My only complaint is the size of the trunk, but I'll learn...

Source: Edmunds

...Great! It is the best car in the world...

Good Fuel Economy
Source: Edmunds

...This car gets great gas mileage 32-36. this is very important to me because I am a courier and I use my car alot.
It takes me less than $20.00 to fill up. If you are a big person this car will be a little tight for you.
This is easy to get in and out of, you don't have to bend down to get into the car. This car comes with AC and a radio with a cd player. You get this for less than $14,000. Good Deal...

Fun to drive

...It looks great on the exterior (somewhat like a funky hippo), the back seats fold down for a fair amount of cargo room, and the standard is a lot of fun to drive.The sound system is very nice and the features (a/c, auto windows etc.) make for a comfortable commute.Drawbacks are: noisy engine at high speeds, you have to take the headrests off of the backseats to fold them down, and the front seats are not very comfortable for a long drive.Oh, one major plus is excellent gas mileage.Overall, very reliable and fun to cruise around in."...

Awesome Value

...Giving up my 04 Audi A8 with all of the bells and whisles to a Scion Xa is one of them. But to see insurance rates, gas, taxes, and maintenance fees drop Tremendously is a dream come true. I'm a v8 lover myself having owned cadillacs and audi's, but this little car trumps them all. I work in D.C. and this car just so easy to park in tight spaces. Car is 4 cylinder which i'm not a fan of, but it does it's duty to get me to and from work. Everyone thinks I downgraded my vehicle, but there's no denying the benefits to owning a little car like this. My only regret is that i didn't see this car...

I love this little car.
Source: Edmunds

...I've had the xA for about a week now, and I am so impressed.
Though the ride can be a tad bumpy, the car absolutly zips on the highway.
The interior is comfortable and intuitive, and though never one for flash, I have to say the sound system is so much fun.
Its amazing how small the car is from the outside, yet how tall and roomy it feels inside.
I keep getting out and expecting to be standing next to a much larger car.
Though not for everyone, I love the unusual dash layout, although I still am not quite used to looking center for my speed. In short, I love this...

W-O-W spells wow
Source: Edmunds

...Reallly Great is the words i would use to describe it. I travel alot in it...

mini suv modified
Source: Edmunds

...i was looking for a crv or a rav4. but after taking a look at the scion i realized that it was close enuff to both except for the fact that it was higher.
mileage beats any of the mini suvs out there. space-wise its close enuff.
the trunk space could be a bit bigger, but the 60/40 split for the back seats help a lot.
its roomier than it looks. 108 hp engine with 105 torque, so i wouldnt try to lug anything around.
but i dont recommend you do that with a rav4 or a crv anyway.
handles good. suspension is decent for a japanese car. dont expect it to be a dodge. overall...

Source: Edmunds

...the car is just sooo fun! my parents bought for me as a graduation gift and im glad they did.
they opted to buy me a solara but somehow the fun and funkyness of the scion XA caught their eye.
the car is great and gets good mileage! my parents put in a lot of extra features which might be a lil pricey but it looks great. it makes every car unique and all...

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