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Dissapointed and Insulted
Source: Edmunds

...Saturn is aware of and refuses to find permanent fixes for: Steering column rattle, front end rattle, loose front end, sway bar link breakage, premature suspension wear/failure.
Sound system is of less quality than in a base model Hyundai Accent. Saturn Service is hit and miss, aside from major problems, if you want it done right, do it yourself...

Good Workhorse

..."Just pay attention to the reviews. Stay away from the CVT transmission...

Never a problem.

...ive driven from ohio to california 2 times, and tons of other long trips and not once a problem. it did just not start making a weird noise when i start it like it needs a new starter, but considering the miles on it, and that being the opnly issue i say thats not bad. ive have the same breaks on it since i bought it and just now had to buy new tires, and only the front 2. and honestly ive never had a tune up on it, allthough i probably should. The only thing not working now is the front seat warmers, and im not sure what kind of fix that is because i havent really looked it up, but i used...

perfect for my wife
Source: Edmunds

...I enjoy our (her) Vue. I would have enjoyed a V6 rather than a 4Cyl but despite that it does every thing that we needed.
It is small enough that she can park it in a busy area without go to the back of the lot, while being big enough to haul end tables and boxes to a storage unit.
When the rear seats fold down you can fit 4 adults in the back for a friendly game of cards while it is raining at the game.
I would reccomend this suv for the buget minded buyer with out a large family...

stay away from 4 cyl & awd

..."My wife and I purchased a 2004 from our local saturn dealer in Sept 2007.
In the last 2 months, we have had 3 transmissions replaced.
It has spent more time at the dealership than on the road.
We have tried to trade it in. Not even the dealership we purchased the vue from want it back.
Nobody wants the vehicle. Don't purchase this vehicle. My wife and daughter don't trust this vehicle. They don't want to get in it anymore."...

#2 of the cars I have owned

..."I bought the Vue used with 29,000 on it. 2 years later I had a little over 122,000.
It went to California 4 times. It was getting a little over 28 mpg on the e-way.
It was a v-6 and it had great response. I put on a different mass air system K&N and it was getting at 80mph then approx.
29.5mpg. I hit 30 on the desert just out side Vegas at night. Overall I would rate the SUV 4.5."...

Has treated me well

..."Good Car. MPG is very good. Cheap inside but holds up well. reliable just one problem with new fangled tranny."...

Extremely Disappointed w/Saturn and GM

..."Purchased car in '08 w/56k. Put 100k in two years.
Transmission quit without warning. Lawsuit regarding CVT transmissions and recall if not over 100k. Buyer Beware if CVT transmission, not a good buy."...

VUE for Grandma
Source: Edmunds

...We bought a 2004 VUE last week and have enjoyed the looks, performance, and economy of the vehicle.
We have the 4 cylinder with the belt driven automatic and it moves along quite well.
There is a bit of noise when you "floor it" but the best part of the ride is cruising along at a constant speed where everything is quiet and the view of the road is excellent.
We also enjoy the appearance of the view. Our car was purchased with "CAR CARE" for 5 years which provides all maintenance during those years...

Will Travel Bags

..."I am a Mom on the go- and man do I have a lot of baggage :) This car is great if you have a one child family.
Though if you throw a dog in there too, well then this car will prob.
be to small. With a car seat and a Boxer, it has become quite cramped.
The car runs great, it works well in winter-though I wish I would have opted for the 4 wheel drive version.
I have had no problems with my Saturn besides the normal maintenance and upkeep. Great car, great price, do it!"...

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