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Old Skool Caddie
Source: CarGurus

...THis was my first car and i loved every minute of it.
great horsepower with the northstar engine under the hood.
i wish i still had the car. the only bad part of the car was that, it being a V8, the gas mileage was horrible and with soaring gas prices today i had to put in 93 octane when i filled the tank!...

Best Mustang From 79 To 93, Yeah The Fox Body!
Source: CarGurus

...If you do a 5 lug swap and Cobra brake upgrades, add some suspension mods such as eibach springs and other junk... you'll have a 0-60 monster and a corner carver...

93' Dodge Dakota
Source: CarGurus

...I bought my truck with a 144 thousand on it with no transfer case in it.
It was a damn good buy in my mind cuz for a 93 dakota with a 144 on it and not a spec of rust on it, its doin damn good so far.
Haven't had it all that long but its a great work truck and a great hunting truck...

My First Little Car.
Source: CarGurus

...Love my old little red '93 Honda Civic Si hatchback!
Spent thousands of dollars on upgrade on sound system and high performance parts (cold air intake pipe, performance exhaust system, etc).
Great fuel economy and handle extreme well. Never had any expensive repairs just regular maintenance!
Well built by Honda Canada! :) Unfortunately, sold my Civic to a friend because starting a new family. I'm miss her very much!...

This Was My Favorite Taurus Out Of The 4 Taurus' I'd Had Previous To This One.
Source: CarGurus

...Before the 1993 Taurus, I'd had 2 1988 Taurus', one 1986 Taurus and a 1988 Mercury Sable.
The '93 was by far my favorite! Smooth, comfortable and so much fun to drive. It handled fabulous in any weather and looked great!...

Source: CarGurus

...I have had my 93 Camaro for a year now. It has an aggressive look and plenty undeer the hood to back it up.
Great car. I love it. Wouldn't have chose any car other than this one. Amazing! It's probably the best car i have ever had!...

Ho-hum, But Very Reliable.
Source: CarGurus

...Someone stole my 93 Olds so I needed a car in a real hurry. At -30 this one started. I kept it for over 2 years and really grew to like it...

Great Car for the money

...I have nothing but good comments about this car. Acceleration is great, fuel economy is good at 23 mpg average (the digital readout is off by about 2-2.5 mpg - I have done manual calculations to confirm). This is a sport suspension. You can really feel the road. If you are looking for a cushy ride, this is not for you. Due to the situation with SAAB ownership, these cars have not held up their re-sale value which make them an excellent buy for a car enthusiast. They are ussually more loaded than the comparative sister vehicles of GM (Malibu, Regal,...) but resale values are lower. They share...

I love this Sport Sedan
Source: Edmunds

...After I sold my old car I wanted an improvement. Something with xenon lights, leather, automatic windows and sun roof, and it had to be relatively fast.
After looking for 3 or 4 months I found a 2003 Saab 93 2.0t automatic.
I went over to test drive it that night at the owners house and I instantly wanted it.
I ended up buying it that night, I didnt know much about Saab and if I did I would have bough the Vector/Aero or the Arc.
I wish Saab wasn't in this problem right now, after owning this car for the past 6 months I want to be a Saab guy forever.
Im 20 and I am in...

93 Ford Explorer
Source: CarGurus

...I loved this truck, solid off road and in the snow.
plus the gas mileage was great for an suv with about 20 mpg average.
I had 212,000 miles on this vehicle before i sold it and never had a problem with it,
ford really knows how to build trucks and i can careless what anybody says about ford, i think their vehicles are unstoppable...

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Cash Shortage Causes NEVS To Stop Saab Production

Since acquiring the assets of Saab back in 2012, NEVS has started production of the 9-3 sedan at the Swedish automaker’s plant in Trollhättan and even fulfilled... read more May 21, 2014 by 

2014 Saab 9-3 Aero

NEVS Starts Production Of The First Electric Saabs: Report

Since purchasing the assets of bankrupt Swedish automaker Saab, NEVS has maintained that its intentions are to revive the brand and eventually launch a range of new electric... read more April 8, 2014 by 

2014 Saab 9-3 Aero

Saab Resumes Production, Starts With 9-3

With NEVS’ acquisition of Saab and some of the bankrupt automaker’s few remaining assets complete, the consortium, made up of Chinese and Japanese interests, is... read more December 2, 2013 by 

2012 Saab 9-3 Griffin range

Saab's Trollhättan Plant Built A 9-3 Today

No, Saab isn't risen from the dead--yet anyway. But the company that bought the automotive brand after its collapse, NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB), has... read more September 18, 2013 by 

2012 Saab 9-3 Griffin range

NEVS Close To Restarting Saab Production

With NEVS’ acquisition of Saab and some of the bankrupt automaker’s remaining assets complete, the consortium, made up of Chinese and Japanese interests, is now... read more August 22, 2013 by 

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