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Great car with a few annoyances but no regrets

...Prior model years had a confusing dash layout and some technical problems that were ironed out by 2007, while later models were the victim of some unfortunate changes to the exterior. The more angular headlights and grille on the 2008 and later models look rather desperate to my eye, while the clamshell hood gives the car a droopy profile. Finally, the 2007 sixtieth anniversary edition that I purchased has a number of desirable features, such as topstiched seats, gorgeous 17" wheels (the car looks better proportioned with the larger wheels), fog lamps, and XM radio. My 9-3 also has a 6-speed...

GREAT used car - would have never bought it new
Source: Edmunds

...I bought this car sight unseen in Sep 2010 from a dealer (found it on Autotrader).
The car had 86k miles on it and the Carfax showed it had been properly maintained.
I paid $5,900, which included shipping, taxes, etc.
Cheap! Prior car was a 1999 Saab 9-3 SE hatchback so I already was familiar with its quirks.
I have only put about 2k miles on it so far but must say that so far it is the BEST car I have ever owned. FUN!...

Love the car, hate it's reliability!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Stylish and good on gas. Cons: Before buying this car, search for saab forums like sabcentral.
This brand is plagued with many very recurring problems like bad turbo charger at 80k miles or better, bad vales, bad hydraulic lines and ram/cylinders, unstable electronics and so many more.
I bought this car after studying it on this site. After all, it's got a high rating here.
Don't take my word for it, just google the repairs I've mentioned, they are frequent and the parts and mechanics are rare and absurdly expensive.
Overall: Fun car to drive, frequent and expensive...

Fun + Practical + Sweede = One Great Car

..."We have owned our 9-3 since 2003 (we were the 2nd owner).
I cannot recommend this car highly enough. It is quite comfortable, has super cargo capacity with rear seats folded down, and the 5 speed makes it quite quick and fun to drive everyday.
Small turbo engine is both powerful and fuel efficient. I use my 2000 9-3 as my everyday driver. Really great design back from the Saab 900 days. A classic."...

2010 Saab 9-3 Aero

..."This is my first Saab and judging from my experience so far it definetly won't be my last
!! It is THE most comfortable car I have ever owned!
It's so much fun to drive and it has everything I am looking for in terms of features and options.
The only option my car does not have is the navigation package.Pros:*Comfort*performance*Handling*Saabs XWD system is excellent in bad weather!*Lots of features included in the Aero model...

Loveable but complicated!!
Source: Edmunds

...I love the car for it's design and drivibility. The car responds well if maintained.
The complicated portion of the car is its electrial and quirky engine light.
One day the car is fine and the next, the electrial system can just quit without warning.
No, mishaves to complete shut off. If you are looking to purchase this car you'll need to have on hand about $1500 due to abrupt problems...

Definitely turns heads

...I've been asked if it was a porche or BMW by the lesser Saab educated individuals. The car looks great. It's the front end that seperates this car(asthetically) from it's competitors. Handling is great with a fair amount of body roll and slight understeer accelorating hard out of corners. I live in Colorado and this car is a dream to drive in the mountains, especially on I-70. Doing 75-80 mph up to vail pass without skipping a beat. Oh, and all the while you have been gripping the steering wheel with a kool aid smile you realize..I'm getting 27mpg?!?! Excitement overwhelms as your right foot...

Best test drive I have had wih a 4cy car

...I have always owned German or Japan made vehicles. I had a BMW318is 92 that I gave to my father with 320000 miles, yes 320k, which the Saab replaced. The Saab 9-3 has a lot of hills to climb before reaching the 320k miles. Base on my research of the many cars I drove within $$25k to $$35k. This was the first car that said, (take me home) test drove this Saab 9-3 and pick it up within a week. I was very surprise, especially when is assemble with GMC parts, except the transmission and the engine, thought."...

Saab 9-5 aero

...Great visibility with self leveling xenons. Stereo is by Harmon Kardon. Cavernous trunk, great interior space. Materials are decent, but not quite as nice as my 2005 wagon. Price on a pre-owned model with factory warranty is amazing. It is a great sport touring car. Seats five in all day comfort. The 9-3 was sportier, even in base trim, but the 9-3 felt like a toy by comparison. The 9-5 is fast and stable at higher speeds. This car loves tight sweepers and shines in the 80-110 mph range. This is a great car. When looking to buy I shopped against MB C300, Audi A6 and Cadillac CTS."...

2008 saab 9-3

..."So happy I bought this car spent 2 months trying to find the right one at the right price and sure did.
I have owned so many cars over the years and by far this car has been my favorite to drive. Tons of great features and does really well on gas"...

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