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My Babe
Source: CarGurus

...Amazing Sport Car. And a Chick Magnet ;) fast, and stable , and respected.
elegant, and reflects a personality on the streets. price is very reasonable, for a car like this. convertible is the best part. and only minority can race with you lol :)...

Mid-engine delight

..."Shortly after moving to CA in 1977, I purchased my first sports car; a 1974 Porsche 914 2.0.
I kept it for twenty + years. What a fun car. Upon saying goodbye to my young and single days and becoming a family man, I sold it.
After driving a sedan for twelve years I found myself missing the mid-engine fun, so, I decided to look for a new thrill and found it in the 2007 Boxster S.
Wow! Virtually everything about this car is amazing; style, performance, sound, etc.
etc. I get 28 mpg on the freeway with the top up and slightly lower with the top down.
In town it gets...

A move up from Honda S2K

..."Just traded in a '04 Honda S2K and am pleased with the choice of the '07 Boxster.
It drives and handles as well as the S2K but is much quieter and smoother.
The interior is quality as would be expected of Porsche and a little roomier.
There are many more options offered than on the S2K.
Overall, I thought the S2K was an excellent performer and extremely well built. I expect that the Boxster will be equal in this respect. For the extra 20 grand, it should be."...

Best Car Yet!
Source: CarGurus

...Good all round performance and excellent long distance cruiser. Servicing evey 20000 so fairly cheap to run. Average mpg at around 24...

2005 Boxster S

..."I bought my 05 Boxster S second hand, it had only 9K on it so it was quite unused...

The Boxster Will Cure a Mid-life Crisis

...It handles exceptionally well with its wide rear tires and mid-engine design. When you "put the hammer down" you will take off quickly. Braking is solid. The gearbox is somewhat tight, so shifting gears should be done firmly. The Boxster is a thrill to drive!Boxsters are actually a great value when you consider they are made by Porsche, the same company that has won numerous races with incredible cars like the 917. You can purchase a nice used Boxster for about half the price of a comparable Porsche 911.The Boxster is a great choice as a second car for someone who wants to own a Porsche...

Absolutely Wonderful

..."Porsche has done an excellent job on the 07 boxster. I guess the only thing I don't like about it is the same old features as the 03-06 models. But it definately performs wonderfully."...

Porsche Badge + Open Air + Singing Exhaust = Boxster
Source: CarGurus

...Performance - 3.4L 295bhp is gives you enough thrust in most town and highway driving situations in Japan.
Build Quality - Beautiful leather trim. The car feels firm- caged and rattle-free despite a convertible body.
Appearance - Like the front. Not much at the rear.
Cost of Ownership - Nothing failed in 30,000km. Logs 10km/L on highways.
6km/L on city driving. Fun Factor - Get the roof down and even a quick ride to the Seven-Eleven around the corner gives you a smile...

Great Handling And Sporty Feeling
Source: CarGurus

...It's a good looking car with great performance. Has a 3.2 litre F6 engine with 295bhp and a top speed of 270kmh.
It isn't too quick though. Overall it's a great ride but lacking general perforemance for a Porsche...

Source: CarGurus

...a very stylish car. very fast, has good gas mileage, has a sleek design.
i specifically love the hood. you can put the hood down and flow through your hair when your on the highway. overall a very good car...

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