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This Van is Junk!!!
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: This is a follow up to a previous review. I'm on my 3rd intake manifold gasket. Got 55k miles out of the 1st and 49K on 2nd gasket. Cost of repair: $565 & $525. Installed new starter today at a cost of $196. Replaced fuel guage sender at $200. Changed from Dexcool to Prestone anti-freeze in hopes of prolonging 3rd gasket. Overall: This is absolutely the worst vehicle I have ever owned. The only reason I don't trade it is because it's paid for. Will keep you posted of further inevitable problems that are sure to occur...

MontanaJoe's Montana Mercedes
Source: MSN Autos

...Overall: I've bought 3 trucks from Dodge, because they're good: a 1972 Ram D100, a 1994 Ram2500 and a 1999 Ram3500. Soon, I'll be in the market for a 4th one, another Ram3500. All 3 have been equipped the same: a 4WD QuadCab, SLT package, Cummins Diesel, Towing, full power, Deluxe Leather Interior, Premium Sound with CD and Cassette, Winch, and every other 'Montana Mercedes' option offered. For me the truck is not only a go anywhere vehicle, it's also an all purpose vehicle. It goes to wedding, funerals and the like. I can transfer horses and me in safety, comfort and style. It takes me to...

Does GM Credit offer maintenance loans?????
Source: MSN Autos

...2002 and the only original parts from when we bought it are rusting out (the body) Overall: This is a lovely vehicle if you want to spend maximum family time walking to each location as the van can not be reliable enough for taking you there. The maintenance cost associated with the upkeep of this vehicle creates a heavy financial burden on the consumer. We were a young family when we purchased the van and the maintenance cost along with monthly payments could be equal to buying Cadillac Escalade. You only think buying this van will save you money. I do not recommend this vehicle to anyone...

A very comfortable van with too many troubles
Source: MSN Autos

...There not matched the way they should be. The tranny showed signs of rough shifting for 2 days this summer, then left. Sounds of troubles down the road. I did get a spread sheet on the vehicle 4 yrs ago when I bought it. It included repairs on the rear wiper, rear brakes, engine sensor, intake gasket and a few small items. I've got my fingers crossed that I don't have to do the head gasket, but who knows? Overall: Before I bought this van, I checked out this and other sights. It was recommended over other vans without any forseen troubles. If the reviews then read like they do now, I wouldn't...

Good Size For The Whole Family!
Source: CarGurus

...I like that all of the kids can fit into the car. It was previously wrecked when I bought it, so we were able to put it back together relatively cheap.
It does well on gas, about 20 mpg. It is fun, when the movies are playing and the kids are content!...

Most Unreliable Car I've Owned

..."Major problems with engine , trans, electrical, paint. Cooling system problems from day one. Air conditoning stopped working and ca is overheating."...

The van
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: A lot of room Cons: The van started jumping skipping
and cutting off after taking it three mechanics and a lot of money later somone finaaly figured out that it was the ignition module that had failed. Overall: Not a bad van...

Pontiac makes a van?
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Comfortable ride, with adequete power. Pretty decent gas mileage for a minivan.
Classic styling on the exterior that's a little more defined and classy than its cousin, Chevy Venture.
Cons: The bright red digital displays and gauges are a little different, and tough to adjust to.
Oftens feels like it's going to tip over around tight corners. Brake pedal is ver unresponsive. Overall: On the whole, a good little van that's there when it's needed...

Just another sorry GM product
Source: MSN Autos

...Pressure sensor and valve body replaced. Cost $1056. 3) Air Bag light stays on. Don't have estimate of repair cost at this time. Overall: If you own this vehicle and have not experienced these problems you probably will. Many owners out there have. This is obviously a manufacturing problem but GM will not recall and repair. The transmission has been serviced at 38K and 90K but this doesn't seem to help. Vehicle has never been used to tow. This is just another story about poor quality and reliability. Unfortuately this is not the first time I've been burned by GM but is will be the last. No...

Not for me
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Roomier than most minivans. I like how it had plenty of empty space to the right of the driver.
It has power.. Cons: From about the day i got it, the "service engine" light wouldn't go off with how much problems the car had, breaking downs, expensive replacements.
It started not to surprise me after so many personal experiences with gm.
Overall: I only used the car because I had to, minivans are not my choice of car so maybe i should not judge, but for me it was not a good driving experience at all...

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