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Enjoy Driving
Source: CarGurus

...its a fun car to drive easy 2 work on and parts r cheap
hardley ever breaks down change the oil every 3k and she runs great should easily get me to 300 thousand miles before it bites the dust motor in it is a 3.1L sfi ohv V6...

Best second car to own

..."The pontiac grand am is a great second car or perfect for first time drivers.
The gt model has the power and handling to make you fell like you have a sports car, but for under $20,000 new, you just cant beat it."...

Bottom Line- Great Car
Source: CarGurus

...I love the interior and the exterior of the car. Its performance was very good, as well.
Cost to own this vehicle was very affordable. I also love to drive this car because it was a good looking car with a pretty good engine under the hood...


..."Bought it used with 30K and now has near 125K, lots of minor repairs but for the most part a decent and affordable car"...

So good, I bought another one

...This one is a 2-door GT model that is fully loaded with every available option. I love this car and I will drive it until it dies. it has 140000 miles. since I bought it ive only had to replace a starter, alternator, and serpentine belt which should be expected to go out on any older car. the only thing I dont like about it is the exaust pipe hangers are junk. they brake and leave your muffler dragging on the road. Other than that it has served me well. if you buy any 90s model grand am get the v6 because the 4 cylinder engine is a cursed engine. a friend of mine bought a 4 cylinder grand am...

Great Car

..."I own a 2 door Se model. Love the car. Has all the same options as the GT model, Same motor/ trans.
Only difference is the ground effects, dual exhaust, and rims.
Other than that, they the same. I've own it now for a few years, and only had to replace the odd part here and there.
Like the Altinator and belt, and plugs and coils. Other than that, this car has treated me very very well."...

9 Out Of 10
Source: CarGurus

...Nice 2 door gt but not as much power as the 3400 it
had a 3100 which was always loud and humming however
it made up for it with its amazing body style still love the mid 90s gts but the ride was rough was as rough as others but could use some suspension work...

Decent For A 15 Year Old Car
Source: CarGurus

...Fast, but very plastic-like interior. Decent on gas.
2 months of owning this car and very low maintenance cost. Overall car is practical. Easy to drive as it is very low to the ground. Would recommend to anyone. Keep the pontiac spirit alive!...

Pontiac builds's true.
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: It's fun to drive and handles great. It has 170,000 and counting.
It has the over-head cam, 4cyl, gets 32 mpg hwy and plenty of power.
Cons: The only problem I've had was a rain water leak. I fixed it myself with some silicon seal. Overall: It's very well built, and I expect to put a million miles on it...

Love It
Source: CarGurus

...hard to find aftermarket parts for but other than that i love it not real fast but mins is lowered 4 inches so its fun to drive anyway lots of interior room for passengers and whatnot as well.
i would definetly recomend it...

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