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'99 Bonne
Source: CarGurus

...performs dece, it's a smooth ride, slides through stop signs on ice sometimes..
it's an all around solid car, haven't gotten in any accidents but it hasn't needed any repairs yet.
it's black cherry colored, but i think the previous owner or dealership forgot to primer it before giving it a new paint job cause paint is chipping in 1 small section for no reason...

I'm quite disappointed

..."I bought my Bonneville used with 76,000 miles on it three years ago.
I just traded it in yesterday when I had every intention of keeping that car for many years to come.
The reason? The transmission is going kaput. And the fuel pump is following close behind in needing to be replaced.
I wasn't aware when I bought this car that transmissions in this style of car rarely last beyond 100,000.
I was at 97,300. If it would cost less than $2,400 to replace, I'd keep it, but that's too pricey of an item to fix.
I'm just really disappointed because in the past three years...

Great Car
Source: CarGurus

...I have been driving the Bonneville for around 3 years now and have no complaints, car runs well and is definitely a smooth ride...

One Of The Best Cars I've Ever Driven.
Source: CarGurus

...My dad got this car as a demo back in '99 and he left the car for me when he passed away when I was a freshman.
I love the car as much as he does. It might be a full-size, but the acceleration is awesome.
0-60 in 7 seconds. Roomy for long road trips, love the engine, FUN TO DRIVE, and Bose Sound System is absolutely amazing.
Might be getting another car soon but this is the greatest first car anyone can get...

Alright Car but Too Many Issues

..."I bought a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville used in 2002. I used it primarily for my daily commuting but I also used it for two cross-country trips and other out of twon ventures...

Great used car!

...Many people complain about resale value, but if you're on the buying side of one of these cars, its a great opportunity. The 3800 engine is well refined and quite reliable. Performance is great with some real torque muscle at your disposal. Since the Bonneville is such a large car, things are nice and spread out under the hood, making it easy to do a lot of your own maintenance. Plenty of room for the family and very reliable. I drove my 91 Bonneville to 186000 miles. I'm currently driving a 99 Bonneville and have about 100000 on it and still going. No major problems. Just typical wear items."...

I've Had The Car Since 2000 With No Major Problems Just Starting To Have Electical Problems @200,000 Miles
Source: CarGurus

...It has been a great car still looks good. Starting to have electical problems...

I Named It Jasmine.
Source: CarGurus goes from a to b. it has a 3800 series 2 v6. 205 for hp and 230 for lb ft of torque. it goes pretty quick for a full size family sedan i think. it is governed at 105 but will go faster...

The Ultimate Ford Junk
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Nice looking car thats about it. Cons: gas milage sucks, lots of squeaks and rattles in dash board and seats are very uncomfortable.
I could go on and on, but those are some of the things I hate about this car.
Overall: The main reason I bought this car was I got a pretty good deal on it and my brother swears by Crown Vics, so I thought I'd give one a try.
Boy what a mistake I made getting rid of my Pontiac Bonneville for this junk!
I only average 15 mpg. around town. Wih my bonneville I got 22 mpg. I can't wait to sell this car and get back to a modern front wheel...

Love It!
Source: CarGurus

...I didn't want it because it looked exactly like my grandma's car.
It accelerates so fast because of the supercharge and I love the power! The interior is extremely comfortable, but we have had to make lots of repairs in 6 months...

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