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great car!
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...Pros: great car! Cons: replacement parts hard to find in some areas Overall: the kind of car that wont let you down, its bad that were contaminated with asian cars...

Great Sedan
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...Pros: I bought this Honda Accord for the reputation I heard from friends and also reading all the Auto Mag's and Like everything I see.
Cons: The only thing I wished they would have put on this 05 and I believe the 06 has it, is Daylight Running Lights that also turn on and off per the day automatically.
I was surprised since I had and Olds 98 Intrigue and that came with it. Overall: Its enjoyable to Drive this Car...

Severe Reliability Issues
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...the ignition housing has already had to be replaced, and the engine frequently drops in RPM, causing the "service engine soon" light to illuminate. The center console also collapsed, requiring replacement. MPG has dropped to 16 avg. Oil is changed regularly, the car is driven mildly in the Midwest, and is not subject to any extreme operation, yet these problems continue. Overall: Not all owners seem to have all of these problems, but I see recurrent problems among the reviews. This car just happened to have all of them. The car drives well, but only when it's working. For me, the reliability...

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...Great gas mileage for the age and size of the vehicle, averaging 29-30 on road trips in ideal weather. I also love the climate control. Cons: I have noticed that this car is noisier over bumps than other cars in its class. Even with new tires and struts, I can hear every bump and crease in the pavement. Also, the front seats are a bit too firm for my liking, but I "fixed" that with some padded seat covers. Overall: I really have enjoyed my Intrigue. I always get compliments on the vehicle (even from my "import-snob" friends...), and the quality is spectacular. It's ten years old with 150k...

I LOVE this car.

..."I bought this used from someone my dad works with as my first car.
I absolulty love it. It drives nice, it stears and handles nice.
Its in great condition and has really held up well.
My only problem is that the seats are to low so sometimes its hard to see over, other then that this car is next to perfect!
I've drivin several differnt cars since I started driving and this is by far the best one I've drivin!"...


..."I bought this car used and have had it for over 5 years now.
No regrets at all. It basically has everything you could want combined into 1 car (nice style,
power, room for family, reliable, etc.) The only issue I've had is an annoying hesitation to start the first time after filling up on gas (which I do a little more than I'd like)."...

Decent used car over all!
Source: MSN Autos

...has 195 for a V6 of it's year and trim of vehicle I think something like 220 sounds a little better for it. I've had multiple issues with the suspension on mine, had to replace my shocks, struts, and stabilizer bars - multiple issues with the A/C system, and I believe I might have a minor oil leak- possible the rear main seal. The interior as far as the dashboard and door panels seem poorly done. They could of made the front of the car look a little more agressive . Overall: Overall it seems like a very well-balanced and reliable car. I feel confident that for a car with already 150500 miles...

Best car ever made
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: we have had our car for 10 years, we have No
!!! problems with it at all, just the regular mantinants. and we still get between 28 to 30 miles per. gallon on the hwy with it. Cons: NOT A THING!!! Overall: Best car we have ever Had!...

what car is that?
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: handling, power seats, leather seats, bose stereo system.
Cons: mpg is a killer. i only drive it to school, the gym and on the weekends and i waste 35 dollars a week.
looks like a grandpa car and noone even knows this car exists, everyone always asks me, what is that?? even when i got a parking ticket one time, the car description was that of a Dodge intrepid.
Overall: very good reliable american car. buy it only if ure a fan of american cars...

A Quicker Picker-Upper
Source: MSN Autos

...Good visibility. Great stereo. Brakes well. I really love the car except for the major engine problem. Cons: Had major engine problem. Would have cost $4000, but brother fixed for $1000. Head gasket or something. Hard to get out of car for short drivers. Brakes work well, but squeak. Front cup holder is unusable, gearshift is in the way. Gas mileage is only 20mpg in town. Air Conditioner is going out, but probably just needs freon. Overall: Have really enjoyed driving this car. Everyone thinks its an import, and people find it hard to believe it's a 1998. Expect it to go a long, long time now...

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