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'97 Cutlass Supreme
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: Lack of low end torque, and a 107mph governor Overall: Overall this is a good vehicle, but I have a problem with the low end torque of the 3100 V6.
Fuel mileage is acceptable at 25mpg or so on average with 75/25 hwy/cty combined...

Most reliable car I've owned

..."Bought this car right off the dealer's showroom as it was the most attractive car there.
If you were to see it now, it looks almost the same and i hate to give it up as it has given me great pleasure to own it. The l997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme owes me nothing!"...

Middle-aged Mobile
Source: MSN Autos

...Access to cab as well as trunk and engine is adequate. Tilt buckets are comfortable. Cloth interior of good quality and should wear well. Cons: Small items are a bit of a nuisance. Drivers seat belt does not release back into its self; ends up getting jammed into the door pillar. Rear axle creeks and bangs in the cold weather. Doors are stiff to open and close.Road noise a little excessive at highway speeds. Discs brakes warp quickly. Poor placement of driving lights result in the lenses cracking from road debris. Repair means replacement of the complete unit ($$$$) not just the lense cover...

Lacks Quality Workmanship and Parts
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Fair handling and smooth powertrain. Cons: Battery rotted from inside out in 2years.
Anti-freeze leak on lower intake manifold that cost $630 at dealer.
Continuous power steering leaks at the seals. Air condition leaks and needs yearly charging.
Rotors warp almost yearly and need replacement. Overall: It runs well and is fairly reliable.
Style is moderate. Maintenance fair. Oldsmobile could have put better workmanship in the vehicle.
Especially nuts and bolts not to torque specs on the engine. Everything either loosened or they were not set correctly...

Old Mobile?
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Dependability. As a single female this car has been nearly maintenance free.
I have 110K on mine and the only things replaced have been the altnernator 2 times, 2 fuel injectors (just last week) battery, and one set of brakes.
I have the oil changed every 3K and this has been a dream car! Cons: Was only 38 when I bought it and my friends referred to it as my Overall: LOVE IT! Hope my next vehicle purchase I do as well!!!...

good car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: it is a reliable car with good milage Cons: the retractable antenna Overall: overall this is a good vehicle...

I'm happy
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Nice looking, comfortable, powerful enough. Please to drive, enough oomph when you need it, roomy enough for the kids on long drives.
Comfortable seating, good visibility, nice cabin layout.
Cons: Brakes needed some fine tuning, and alternator is too expensive.
Overall: A great car for the money. Great mileage considering size (I get 32-34mpg highway, 26 city), comfortable size for spouse and up to 3 kids in the back.
Nice ride and nice looking. Handles well on snow and ice. I'm happy after 5 years/100K...

The ultimate poor mans car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I like the looks and the way it drives on the highway when i drive long distances Cons: So far i like everything about it Overall: A good car for the money...

Granny wagon
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I have had little mechanical problems. Cons: Its a great car for little old ladies.
Even though it has mag wheels and low profile tires it is just for show.
The suspension is not up to any spirited driving. The 3.1L engine is not up to the task of moving this car at anything but adaquate speed. Overall: A good car for grandma...

97 Cutlass Supreme Coupe
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Looks great, nice highway ride Cons: Fit and finish very poor, constant power steering fluid problems since new, new alternator at 45,000 Overall: basically a good car, but remember its a GM...

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