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Dependable on long hauls and in the city
Source: MSN Autos

...I've added about 40,000 since. The engine has been very dependable and its really a smooth driving car Cons: I've had a lot of electrical problems for example, My directionals don't always work I have to tinker with the hazard lights switch to make the directionals work, cruise control just stopped working one day, the trac button doesn't work , the stereo had to be replaced not sure what the previous owner did to it. I was told that the iignition would probably go out anod the two front windows don't work, its not the motor it has something to do with some plastic clips that hold the window...

Constent problems!!!!!

...Then in 2003 my power stereing went out ($120.00) and also in 2003 my battery went out again ($80.00) also my right passanger side wheel hub asembly went out i had to replace that ($300.00), then in 2004 my timing belt went out.(120.00). In 2006 my car reached 115kmiles and all of this happened, My wheel hub asembly went out again costing me another ($300.00) and then I had to replace my right side and left side struts and inner and outter tie rodes on both sides($480.00) and my car has a small oil leak now. In between all of this I always made sure I kept up my regular maintaince..... So no...

This is a good car
Source: Edmunds

...Decent car. Good power. Smooth ride. 44,000 miles and no problems.
Rotors did warp, but replacing them with good rotors and good brake pads solves the problem.
If you buy cheap parts, well then, you get what you pay for. Reliable so far, and probably will be in the future. No mechanical problems either...

bad investment
Source: MSN Autos

...the water pump (mysteriously) blew a hole in the side of it soaking my alternator and shorting that out. That cost me 1,800 to fix those. Every other day I had a flat tire. And it wasn't the tires, it was the rims. I had to replace one that cracked. that was $150. All this happened before the car even reached 68.000 miles! Overall: I, honestly loved the car for the first 2 years I owned it. it's cute, fun to drive, and looks great. If I didn't have all those problems with it the 3rd year I owned it, I would more than likely still have it. it is a great car for someone who has money to blow on...

Nice Car

...I haven't had a problem with my car since I bought it, 45,000 miles ago. Yeah, I work it hard, but it still runs great. I think that if there's problems, they'll probably be before 75,000 miles. If you find one of these cars over that, (as long as the mileage isn't insane), my advice would be to buy it. Oh, and if you're worried about finding parts for a car whose manufacturer who got canned by GM, don't worry. The Alero is the cousin of Pontiac's Grand Am, and parts aren't that hard to find. My one and only complaint is that the car doesn't deal with really cold weather as well as it could...

Not the Best Car in the World

..."We bought this car a few years back on a limb. Not doing much research was not the smartest thing we've ever done before buying a car.
We have had many problems with this vehicle. The water manifold gascette has been replaced a few times along with the sensors in the wheels.
The car always seems to have a problem and needs to be fixed. I would definately not recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a reliable car."...

Not Bad...
Source: Edmunds

...I purchased my Alero in 08. Checking the head gaskets prior to purchase is essential since they go bad on the 3.4 V6.
Had some minor issues after purchase such a water leak on passenger side console.
A cheap foam patch from the dealership corrects this problem.
There is also the occasional problems with wheel bearings.
Also, the rear defrost system failed due a failure of a control module in the rear of the car. Apart from some rust issues, car is pretty reliable for the most part...

Road hugging
Source: Edmunds

...Love my car...

Beautiful White Lightening Alero
Source: MSN Autos

...If you wash it with the wrong kind of water, like hard water with iron in it , it will turn it yellow. So you have to be very careful. thank you Overall: I would not buy another automobile unless it was an oldsmobile of some kind. It has to be one with an oldsmobile engine in it. But my choice would be an alero. I like white, but I would settle for another color, maybe red. I would suggest anyone who's looking for a good car try one like mine. It was a used car, but it was in good condition. I have owned it for about 3 years now and I plan on keeping it as long as I can or wear it out. Which...

Green Machine
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: its pretty peppy, and i liked how it handles in winter,
since its front wheel drive an all liked alot about this car Cons: only problem i had with it was the power steering pump,
i had this car for 3 years and kept putting them in after about 6 months of use Overall: they are great cars, overall id recomned it to anyone...

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