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This car is going to run forever!
Source: MSN Autos

...The orignal alternator finally went out at 225,000 miles, that is incredible durability. Quality of the interior is also superb, no tears or signs of fading after 14 years of ownership. Cons: Power antena is not reliable and other electronic accessories like cruise control no longer works. Driver seat is too flat, I wished it had better lateral support and is uncomfortable on long drives, your back get's very sore and fatigued. Overall: An incredible car, the best I've ever owned and never would have imaged that it would have lasted this long. I bought my '88 model in late 1987, that's almost...

The Ultimate Oldie
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...Pros: I bought it for $160 and it took me only $400 to fix it Cons: no problems yet Overall: Nice car for an 88, but no cupholders...

Good Car!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I like this '88 Accord because I just can't seem to weat it out.
I have replace most of the major components (clutch, brakes, exhaust system, alternator, etc.) since purchasing in 1996.
Replaced the engine with a used one 3 three years ago at about 200k total miles.
Now have 315k miles. Cons: Cons: Lack of power. 2L engine installed obviously isn't going to have a high level performance I admit. Overall: I like it. Good solid car after 315k miles...

88' Accord
Source: MSN Autos

...Overall: 90K miles on rebuilt engine. Has some suspension problems, and needs minor repairs...

Very reliable and dependable car!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I bought this car second hand with 88,000 miles on it 2 years ago; 30,000 miles after no problems at all.
I can't believe how reliable this car is. Cons: Minor rattles on the sunroof cover and slow power windows.
Other than that no problems at all Overall: Very reliable, very good handling car and lots of aftermarket parts available to update the appearance and performance of this car...

I Have Fall'in In Love With My Car!
Source: MSN Autos

...Overall: I was lucky enough to come across this car for $2300. i didn't know anything about Acura but the second I drove this car I knew it was something special....I took it right away...then come home to research it on the internet and saw all the wonderful comments and happy drivers. I have now been driving it for 2 months and I am totally in love with it. I was very fortunate that the previous owner took pristine care of it and then traded it in for another Acura. The whole in the wall car lot saw it was a 88 and priced it to move. Luckly in moved right into my drive way. It is obvious...

The Pretty Money Pitt
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: I have had pretty bad luck with my Accord since I bought her. The frame in the front end of the car needed to be replaced, the whole rad was toast, the ball joint and control arm were gone, the link kit needed to be replaced along with many other little things. Now I have a gas-line leak, my oil leaks, I have a vacuume leak; causing my car to rev in Park and Neutral and my transmission is on the verge of dying (she is shifting really hard). Overall: I have heard nothing but good things about Honda cars, I really like the look and style of my Accord and the gas mileage is great, I can go...

492,000 miles
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: 492,000 miles on engine. Finally replaced tranny at 366,000 miles.
Proof that japanese cars are of uncomparable quality.
This car has only broken down twice on all my cross-country trips,
but what more do you expect when you've driven 492,000 miles??? Recently I purchased a used 1999 Accord, I expect that baby to last 300,000+.
Now I use my 88 for local errands. Cons: Needs more acceleration, torque, better braking system.
But, I never bought this vehicle with the intention of beating out Mustangs or Firebirds. Overall: Great buy!...

Reliable Vehicle

..."Had a "88 with a V-6 which had lots of get up and go.
The interior space was comfortable until we needed to add a second car seat and with our teenage daughter. Kids are grown and now the younger ones need a car. so here we go again."...

A Peach Vehicle.
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Purchased new in 94. Solid vehicle.Dependable, economical to operate with routine tire rotation and oil changes.
Over 110,000 trouble free miles.Tremendous success also with 88 and 2000 Accords.Would highly recomend these vehicles.With current success i would never consider another mfg.Great riding,
driving vehicle. Cons: Looks like Honda could push just a little harder!
Had to replace front brakes after 103566 mi miles.
Muffler and tail pipe @95354 mi.>On a typical auto, figure i have saved hundreds of dollars because there is no way i would have got the mileage out...

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