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First American Car In 18 Years
Source: Edmunds

...My first impression, I like it. The car feels sturdier than the little Japanese econoboxes I was used to driving (Ford Festiva's, Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla).
I am wary of the CVT but that's why I have a 6 year 100,000 mile warranty.
The acceleration is OK, not as good as my Nissan Sentra (5 sp) or Corolla (5 sp), but is sure is nice having an automatic in bumper to bumper traffic.
Reviewers knocked the seats but I don't mind them. I drive 2.5 to 3 hours a day commuting to and from work and have no complaints. Still not used to electric power steering but it seems to work...

A very fuel-eco-friendly car

..."This was my first car back in 2008, when gas was ridiculous. The main reason I got it was because of the 30+ miles/gallon. It turned out to be an OK car. Car was purchased with 86,000 miles on it...

Source: CarGurus's a fast four door with a six speed trans tinted window drives really well and gets great gas mileage. would love to put a turbo on it and lower it down just a little and this car would be fun...

Love it so far
Source: Edmunds

...Well worth the money. Very strong 4 cyl. Bought mine used and am very satisfied. Replaced battery and a tire, that's it. Great gas mileage...

Hey... Its A Car
Source: CarGurus

...Liked the car at first and it was in my price range so I bought it... after the new car feeling wore off I realized that its a grandma car!...

Great car overall

..."Got a 2004 Sentra about 2 months ago, and all in all, I'm pretty happy with it.
Purchased at 49k miles, and its running great. has about a 300, 350 mile range on a full tank.
Have not experienced any major problems so far, but I should note the cheap interior.
It's not holding up well, but I should also mention that I live in Arizona where the sun kills most cars.
Performance is pretty good overall. Excellent pickup and acceleration, and handles sharp corners nicely.
It's more roomy then the majority of Toyota's I have been in. Being a tall guy (6"3) It's a pain...

2004 Spec V Review
Source: CarGurus

...The Sentra SE-R Spec V is a great performance 4 door.
Has an option to get brembo breaks, sunroof, and rockford fosgate stereo system.
The car is built to take corners and turns very well, great acceleration.
The appearence is a nice clash between sporty and evey day driver. This car gets really good gas mileage around 28 in town and 30 highway. the fun factor of this car is 10 out of 10...

Good Car For A Small Price
Source: CarGurus

...It was a fun little car to drive and the build quality is much better than the newer B16 sentras(Not as much easily scratch able plastics inside)...
it accelerated pretty good for a small car and was pretty good on gas... only problem i ever had with it was the air flow computer went out a block away from school and i had to replace that...

Good car for the money
Source: Edmunds

...I purchased my Sentra brand new in Jan of 2004 and had it till December of 2007 when it was totalled.
I put on 130,000 miles within that period and I am very satisfied with the car.
I didn't spend any money on the car besides the usual oil changes and brakes.
I only had one problem wiht the car during the period I owned it.
When the car was started cold in the morning, it would start on the first try but if I was to start the car later on, it would take any where from 2-3 tries for it to start.
This problem started within a year of owning the car and worsened as time...

New Mazda Hatchback
Source: Edmunds

...Love the car. Sure there are a few things that bother me, such as the quality of the materials used in the interior of the car, but you get what you pay for.
With leather, nav, and the moon roof, the car looks, feels, and acts like a much more expensive car.
Acceleration, Handling, and Stopping are all top notch.
Stock stereo is nice, too. I looked at every car in this class (and drove the Sentra Spec V w/ full Nismo mods) and this car blows them all away.
It may not be the cheapest, and it may not be the fastest, but it's the most well-rounded of the bunch...

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