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Darn good car.
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Dependable Cons: worn out rear leaf springs. Dealer doesn't have replacement at all! Overall: very good car, if taken care of over the years. I have maybe another 8-12 yrs left in this one...

electric bliss
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I love the comfort of this vehicle. it is so quiet and easy to drive.
It is very smooth to drive also. It has everything I could want on it except for electric seats, but who cares? I love this car.
Plus, I get to drive in the carpool/HOV lane!! Cons: No electric seats, but they are all heated :) Overall: Love the car and wouldn't want any other electric vehicle...

Very Quite and Fun to Drive!

..."We bought a 2011 Nissan LEAF almost a year ago. We have just over 12,000 miles on it at this point.
The ride is solid, the car is extremely quite, it's a blast to drive, and it's now our primary vehicle.
The battery pack gives the car a low center of gravity so it feels planted in the turns.
The car has a five star safety rating which was important to our family. It's also nice to wake up to a fully charged car and not have to hassle with going to gas stations!"...

The Ops Ops breaking Car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: The engine has great pick up, The engine has been a great one.
Cons: The break system is the worst every 6 to 12 months I have had to put new break pads, roters on this car.
The maintance was very high. My mechanic Did not go hungry while I was driving this car full time.
Overall: '92 was a poor year for GM on the breaking system. The car was go for the engine. I even had to put a new leaf springs init...

Leaf Love

..."Love it! It's a commuting car - if you use it like that then it's ideal.
Inthe are I live there are many chanrge pointsand
I find the free PlugShare App the best for locationg charging locations (even better the the on-board navigation charge locations within the cars GPS)."...

First real diesel, last real truck
Source: MSN Autos

...Easy to tun ethe engine for better towing and economy. Orginal bucket seats more comfortable than any other vehicle I've driven. Drivetrain well matched for factory power and weight ratings. Simple, mechanical engine controls make maintenance and repair easier than new ones. Parts from newer trucks can be retrofitted- Dana80 rear axle, turbos, etc. Cons: Ride quality is rough compared to newer ones, but with leaf springs all around, what can one expect? Automatic transmissions are horribly inefficient, though aftermarket upgrades are available. When engine power is added above stock levels...

A Connecticut Leaf Owner Speaks
Source: Edmunds

...I am not your prototypical Leaf owner. For one, I live in of two Leaf owners in the state...I have a long commute (45 miles one way) and,
at the moment, I don't have a Level 2 charger where I work (I'm working on that, but the Chevy Volt has made convincing my company to get one very difficult).
After a few rookie mistakes (driving 70 mph to work in the cold w/o a full charge),
one of which found me driving into my garage with 4 miles of charge left, I have learned to drive back and forth to work with no range issues.
The Leaf definitely makes you think...

Nissan LEAF

..."For the folks who gave it one star for range, you have no idea what you are talking about.
I drive 40-60 miles a day and get back home with plenty of range left and this is while only charging to 80%.
The range meter on the car (called the "guess-o-meter" in LEAF circles) does not do a great job estimating range at the top end,
but is more accurate as the battery draws down - this is something you learn how to deal with quickly as you drive the car.
For anyone with a commute under 60 round trip, this car will easily meet your needs unless you go 80mph all the time...

Don't buy it

..."Very low battery life it won't last 100 miles, 45 to 50 tops.&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&"...

Big, Green, Beast
Source: CarGurus

...21' long. Front and rear leaf springs. 4x4. A great truck.
Ran strong even after 200,000 miles. Huge 460 under the hood. A great work truck with a horrible turning radius and fuel economy, had lots of rust...

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