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Best Value on the Market - Very Happy!
Source: Edmunds

...We looked for a while at a lot of different vehicles and this was by far the best combination of size, engine, safety, style, luxury, towing capacity and amenities.
We looked at big and small, this was the best. We were able to get a fully loaded Armada new for the price of other vehicles used without all of the options.
We had a great experience. We've had a BMW, Infiniti, Acura, Honda and other vehicles, the Infiniti/Nissan is the best. We are very happy with it...

Great SUV!

...My wife simply liked the fact there was not a long hood on the thing. It performs well and is very comfortable and if you need to tow, this is the vehcile for you! Worst mpg was 13 and the best was 24 on a trip. The one thing I'm not impressed with are the brakes! The rotors warp and the only thing Nissan will do is turn the rotors down. The brakes they used for this are simply too small. Turning them down takes more surface away and in turn your back at the dealer complaining again. and yes, they'll turn them down again. All in all I would buy this vehicle again!"...

Couldn't be more happy!
Source: Edmunds

...The Armada has met our needs and surpassed them. It provides everything our growing family needs; space, comfort and reliability.
The MPG is what we expected; we bought a large SUV knowing the gas mileage would not be excellent. Price you pay for a large SUV...

Amazing SUV for the right CORRECT PRICE
Source: Edmunds

...We were looking for 2 years. Since GM and other USA car mgs were going BK..The Aramda (house on wheels) caught my eye at a routine stop at Nissan on my maxima.
AWESOME/AMAZING TRUCK. Total price 42k out the door.
Took the NISSAN cash and paid cash. This SUV has it all especially the IMPROVED Blue Tooth for phones. Real time name it, it rocks!...

My second armada
Source: Edmunds

...This is my second armada i also owned a 2005 se i love
the power and reliability we use ours to tow a travel
trailer extensively the self leveling rear end never
gave us a problem and the power this unit has a fully
loaded 29' trailer fells like your not pulling any thing i've owned fordm Chevy and dodge you can keep em these are in my opinion the most comfortable,
powerful,and reliable suv/truck 4x4 on the market...

2008 Nissan Armada

..."I needed a large SUV to pull my boat, take on vacations and to haul teenagers around town in.
This is the perfect vehicle if you need towing power, room and comfort.
It gets low gas milage around town but does pretty good on the open road at about 17 MPG.
My family loves the 12 cup holders and the comfortable back seats. It can hold a lot of cargo with the 3rd seat in use and even more with it folded under."...

Bang for your Buck!
Source: Edmunds

...I'm coming from a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder and decided to upgrade to a larger SUV.
I originally looked at the GMC Yukon but found for the price and rebate, the Armada was a better choice.
As everyone has noted, the only complaint is the gas mileage.
I also find that since it's a V8, it has more of a truck feel; which, I'm adjusting to.
I've seen better navigational systems, but I'm adjusting. Overall, for the price, I believe I made the best choice!...

Source: Edmunds

...I did a lot of looking and research on SUV's before buying.
Like another reviewer, I did not like that GM required a bailout and my prior GM SUV failed to impress.
The 2010 Aramda caught my eye at a car show at the Texas State Fair.
AWESOME TRUCK. Total price 37.7 k out the door for the Ttanium package w/DVD which includes leather and a lot of other upgrades over the base model.
I got the Nissan cash incentives. This SUV has Blue Tooth for phones, Ipod jack, DVD player with wireless headphones, backup sensors and camera, road computer, and lots of storage.

Best Big SUV Period
Source: Edmunds

...My wife and I traded in our 2007 Armada SE for this 2009 model, and we haven't had a single regret.
I never thought a full size SUV like our Armada would be this much fun to drive, but it is.
Granted the gas mileage could be a little better, but hey its a small price to pay for all the safety & luxury features it provides.
We looked real hard at the Ecalades, Tahoes, and Denalis when we decided that we needed a big SUV, and I can truly say that none these vehicles have anything on our Armada...

Armada 2010
Source: Edmunds

...Decided to trade in Murano as we wanted more room for traveling. We are very impressed with it and the luxury feel. You barely feel the road or bumps underneath you. While we know gas mileage won't be terrific, the space and ride this gives is far worth a little extra gas. It turns and corners more like a small car than the large SUV it is. I am amazed at the turning radius. All the extras it comes with are great. The satellite nav is awesome and we LOVE the additional voice control. The bluetooth works great and the sound is really clear.I would highly recommend this vehicle. Awesome!...

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