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2009 Lancer GTS reliability
Source: Edmunds

...I bought my 2009 Lancer GTS in July 2009, it was running good until it reaches 39700K miles and my clutch just gave up.
I took my Lancer to El Cajon Mitsubishi and was told that my plywheel was worn out due to a regular wear and tear.
So I ask if it is still covered by warranty but the service advisor said it is not covered by the powertrain warranty since it is not part of the powertrain.
So I have no choice except to pay $ 1,700 to replace the clutch plywheel.
I have a 1996 Honda Accord but I have never had a transmission problem since I bought it. I would strongly...

Bang for the Buck
Source: Edmunds

...I wish that Edmunds would have been fair on the review of the Lancer GT Sportback.
Maybe they can explain why no Data is shown for performance times and braking distances.
While I do agree that the CVT Trans feels different, why don't we let the performance numbers do the talking.
If you want the vehicle to feel like a normal transmission just use the auto stick or the paddles and you will feel right at home.
The car rides firm but smooth, the brakes are excellant, the back seat room destroys the competition, the cargo area with the rear seats down is class leading.

Great Warranty-Great Price-Great Gas Mileage

...Can't beat the 5 year warranty. We were comparing the Hyundai Elantra and the Lancer. Same warranty; but couldn't beat the price. We got a lot more extras with the Lancer for a cheaper price. Couldn't believe it.Absolutely love the car. I can honestly say that it is fun to drive. Never thought I would say that about a car before but there it is. We got the alloy wheel package, the sunroof package and the audio package. Awesome sound!!!!Sporty look inside and out. Would highly recommend this car.Lots of room in the back seat for kids. Trunk is bigger than in looks."...

Over All A Very Good Car For Its Price To Tune And To Maintain
Source: CarGurus

...tremendous power but the weight makes up for the car its easy to upgrade and tune to increase the power it is also an front mount rear wheel drive car which means you can use this not only on circuit racing but you can also use it on drifting plus this is also a good starting car to learn drift techniques as for the appearance the compact and low to the ground suspension set up makes it look agile and aggressive enough to turn heads. another advantage of this car is also on the drag strip due to the weight of this car and size a 300hp version of the miata can actually stand up against 500hp...

Source: Edmunds

...It comes with almost everything you need for the daily commute and has some room for the occasional spirited driving. The limited trunk space gives room for 3 laundry baskets. Rear seat room is decent. Car feels heavier, yet agile and nimble. Responsive engine sounds good, but CVT is loud and leaves you wanting/wishing for more. Acceleration is average. Handling and suspension is above average: light and neutral with quick turn-in. Understeer can be dangerous when entering corners too fast. Fuel economy is average, combined 30mpg +/-2...

Great Car
Source: Edmunds

...We have owned the Lancer since it was new and it has been a fantastic car.
It still looks great, gets good gas mileage, is fun to drive, and little has gone wrong with it.
The build quality is excellent and the interior has held up extremely well with almost no rattles and still tight after 9 years and 150k.
Other than regular maintenance, few problems have arisen on the car, and it's been very reliable...

Reliable Car .

..."Over all really good car . Fuel consumption outstanding . Maintenance cost monthly $30 . Really good car for city ."...

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