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Excellent vehicle for the money
Source: Edmunds

...The Endeavor is an SUV that rides like a car...

2004 Endeavor - Excellent SUV

..."Excellent SUV for the Money - bought used with 70k miles, now 110k running like new, Recomended !!!!"...

Great Car for Great Price

..."We recently purchased the 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor.
handles great. we love the interior. runs awesome, no problems whatsoever. The interior is spacey and comfortable. It handles more like a car than a SUV. Lots of fun to drive!!"...

comfort & reliabolity
Source: Edmunds

...good looking,comfortable,good ride.. interior provides plenty of room,dealer add ons enhance appearance...

A great S.U.V.

...It had a few recalls, but no mechanical problems so far. Critics say it is bad in style and it doesn't have a bigger engine available, but I think it is great. There is no advantage in having a fast engine in Southern California, there is too much traffic. You would just be causing more pollution and waist more gas. I get great compliments from everyone I know for having a unique SUV. My Mitsubishi Endeavor is great in comfort (it has a lot of room), great styling, safety and most valuable to me, reliability!!! Great SUV for a great price. You have to own it to know the truth, the critics are...

Love it!!!

..."My parents bought the car used in 2005 with 23,000 miles on was handed down to me when I came home from school in 2006 and currently I have 120,000 and it still runs like new.
Never had any problems, such a smooth ride, so comfy and super spacious.
I have a lot of tall friends and they all insist that I drive because they can fit comfortably in the car.
I've taken it on a few road trips and never had problems. Drives great in the snow, I have the AWD XLS and can't imagine having anything else in it's place. Best car ever."...

Best SUV
Source: parents bought me this car becuase of the safty features. it has very minimum engine noise inside and the ride is great almost like driving a sadan which is great. one of the main reasons i like it is becuase its very spacious for me being 6'3" i dont like to be cramed in something. and i like the fact that the LS FWD does not have ABS. and the powerful 3.8 engine has great get up and go. but the main downfall is that there are not very many after market products. but other then that i love driving it and when it comes time for another car i will buy another one..."...

Good car

..."we purchased this car after we had our 1st child. it has a lot of space for all the things that we need for a kid (carseat, stroller, toys,).
handles great in the snow too. good leg room for my 6'2 husband."...

Excellent Car
Source: Edmunds

...I am not disappointed at all by this purchase. Rides like a car, and I can sit up high. Lots of room for storage. Dealership is the best...

Best Ride for the money

..."I have had this car for almost 8 years and have had no problems with it. The only issue I would even mention is it is not the quietest car on the road"...

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