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Looking towards an SUV...
Source: Edmunds

...This car is nice and fun but it looks like a Buick skylark in the front to me and it makes it look dated in design I feel!
I like the options available on this car, but the front end just doesn't have the look of the newer sedans, however it does now on the 2004 model.
I am leaning towards a SUV for perfomance, space, and options.
The SUV seems to be the new phase in luxury! This cars is just a just car to me, I guess I am not as impressed with it as I thought I would be at first.
And there isn't that many on the road! You never see them. What is up with that?...

My Dia

..."I liked the Diamante, however, sisnce tyhey've gone out of business here in AMERICA getting service/parts is too expensive. Good car overall, the seals tend to leek and cause the car to smoke."...

Source: Edmunds

...This car gets 26 mpg highway. It's veryf ast on acceleration. Nice, comfortable ride. I'm very impressed. With all the warranties they gave me, I'm very happy...

Very Happy
Source: Edmunds

...Bought this for my wife to drive on the highway, very dependable and fun to drive.
It gets a lot of looks from people. Love the sun roof and memory leather seat.
This car was the dealerships wifes demo with 4,000 miles on it, along with the year end rebate and Mitsubishi customer loyalty plus the 100K powertrain warranty this car was a still at 20K...

a nice car 4 a first car

..."this is a ok car many people say its not bot i think
it is this is my first good car it get to A B and LMNOP someone put sugar in my tank if i had the money i would have get it fixed this is a good car"...

styling never out, great overall everything ,

..."I bought this car in 1996, 43K mi. now 161K and it is like new in every detail.
Maintain the recommended service intervals andthis vehicle is Mitsubishi's most neglected sport luxury sedan in their marketing plan.
Now only available in Australia and Japan it is to bad you can only get a used one.
HOWEVER do your personal homework on any used vehicle and you wil find this fine piece of Japan's craftsmanship not to dissapoint.
P.S don't think this car is old. It will be around as a favorite and inexpensive to maintain for over 200plusK miles. Buy this car!"...

Luxury Buy at Great Price
Source: Edmunds

...The 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante LS is an excellent car.
It is great to drive and handles well. It's too bad they discontinued the model. The interior is excellent and the eight speaker Infinity system sounds great. I love it...

Excellent Value
Source: Edmunds

...For 26000 this car delivers excellent value. This is the second LS I have owned in a row and it delivers trouble free performance.
I experienced no mechanical or upkeep issues at all on my 2001 LS which had 82000 miles when I traded it for my new 2004...

Like riding on air-Truly Unbelievable!
Source: Edmunds

...Bought it,Picked up my loving partner and drove it out on the highway....
We love the Smoooothness of the ride... Sterio smooth and clear and loud!
The Memory adjustable seats are to die for, you need it; it's convenient.Classy,Classy and Sporty all in ONE...
Thank you, I have been blessed and Large Moonroof, when I am coming from Convertibles...3 in total, LeBaron,Chrysl.Sebring, and 2002 S.Edit. Firebird. LOve it!in Black...

Very New Owner
Source: Edmunds

...So far, this car is great. I just bought it yesterday, and when I took it out for a spin late last night, I noticed quite a few heads turning to take a second look.
Mitsubishi offered such a great incentive to buy, I couldn't resist, not to mention The awesome warranty!...

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