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What a Car
Source: Edmunds

...This is my first non-Ford car I have ever owned. I drive 182 miles every day to and from work.
I was in an Accident 3 months after getting The Diamante.
I T-Boned an 2002 Toyota Camry at 55 MPH. I came out of it without a scratch, and there was no frame damage to the vehicle. The Camry was totalled. I would say i am very pleased with the Diamante...

Owned 1 since 2004 never had a problem!!

..."I have owned this vehicle since 2004, going from a 1995 Cadillac STS.
I feel that this vehicle had just about the same bells and whistles except for the often break downs of my Cadillac.
I bought it with 19k miles on it. I have only replaced the door speakers and two O2 sensors.
Other than normal wear and tear stuff.. I wish they still made this car. I do know I will continue to buy Mitsubushi brand vehicles in the future!!"...

Best of Show
Source: Edmunds

...Lets be honest - 200+ horsepower, comfort that rivals BMW and Lexus, plenty of room and looks and handles with the best of them. This is the mature, issueless choice for a vehicle...

Source: Edmunds

...Great car for performance with about 180Kw of power and a fair bit of low down power this is a great car to drive...

Good value for the buck, but buy used.
Source: Edmunds

...The 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante is excellent. I have kids and the interior, with a little vacuuming, looks as good as the day I bought it.
The ride is Cadillac like, smooth and plush. My only complaint is the depreciation of the vehicle.
I lost half the MSRP the first year. It has stayed steady since then though, at least according to

rocket on wheels

..."Great fun to drive. Be careful not to get too many speeding tickets!
Great value that poeple don't know about. If they were more common the price would be much higher.Built in Australia for the out back, very reliable."...

One of the best cars I've owned
Source: Edmunds

...The 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante has unexpected, powerful, and quick acceleration.
It has smooth and very comfortable road performance after I changed to better touring tires.
You need to use only the best windsheild wiper blades otherwise they are noisy.
The specs require plus fuel, but I alternate with regular without any noticeable mileage or performance difference.
The fuel indicator shows close to empty when there is still more than a hundred miles left in the 19 gallon tank.
I average 22 mpg in the city. It has a good stereo with controls on the steering wheel. I...

Source: Edmunds

...The heated leather seats, heated mirrors, 7 CD in dash player and the Platinum white color made the car a must have.
After looking at and driving Infinity I35, Acura TL, Honda Accord, Lincoln LS and others the combination of luxury, color, driveability and the cash back made the decision for my wife and me.
The best car we ever owned was a 1991 Mitsubishi Mirage that finally had problems at more than 208,000 miles.
If this mitsubishi Diamanti LS is half the car of previous 1991 Mitsubishi, we will be very happy...

1994 Diamante
Source: Edmunds

...I have had this car since I bought it new and it has prevented me from buying a new car for 9 years.
It is a great car that has had very minimal problems-- front breaks, AC work and 2 batteries.
I have a small oil leak now, but after 151000 miles, it is expected.
Paint is in excellent shape and is very fun to drive. My wife thinks I am crazy because I want to keep it forever. gas mileage is 17 city and 24 highway...

Diamante VRX
Source: Edmunds

...Minor quality issues upon delivery . Most resolved by dealer upon return...

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