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..."Fun car to drive with great performance and handling. Mileage in the city is mid 30's and in the highway I am getting in the upper 30's. The back seat leg room is very small."...

the ultimate junk box fiat
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I have none go buy a MINI Cons: this car is just
in one word junk had had it for a few weeks and then
trade it in for a MINI Cooper S if you looking for a nice car that gets good MPG just buy a MINI if you want a piece of junk buy a FIAT Overall: overall go get a MINI there all around just better...

best ever


Fun, Fun, Fun!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Fun, Fun, Fun! 32 MPG average. Easy car to travel in, I love driving!
At last, headrests in a comfortable position and heated seats for those cold mornings. Excellent sound system. Cons: Nothing! Overall: The JCW MINI put the fun back in driving!...

Mini Cooper Clubman S Buckboaard

...Creaks and rattles abound after the break in period and largely due to the VERY HARSH ride shaking them loose. Also, be advised, run flat tires cost $300 - $450.00 each!!! to replace and wear out quickly under normal driving conditions. MINI does not recommend rotation as part of routine maintenance and this could cost you BIG TIME depending on your driving habits. Overall, this is a great car with multiple shortcomings including too many hard plastics that start to creak and rattle after break-in and a VERY HARSH RIDE that is EXTREMELY OBTRUSIVE inside the cabin. Run flat tires create severe...

Phantom Red
Source: Edmunds

...Bought My GLI over the Mini Cooper Clubman "S", I Love the dynamic stability control (dsc),
The DSC Transmission is what "sold Me" and Pushed me toward the GLI, and away from my favorite Car, Mini Cooper "s"..
Who Knew..BUT My Next Two door car will be 2020 John Cooper Works Coupe.
Another reason besides the DSC, is the cargo space I Needed, being a stay-at-home-dad, and the roomy back seat in the four door GLI, and the trunk cargo area....the Mini Clubman can't compare...

Mini Cooper
Source: CarGurus

...Great small car for a single female. A bit slow, but you get amazing fuel economy in return!
Handles amazing! This car is fun to driver and you get all the attention that you deserve! Has cute addition such as different color lights inside your car...

a large repair bill looking for a place to happen

..."S models supercharger placement is bad, no way to check the oil in the rear sump without removing the water pump!
The rear sump only holds 2.8 oz. of oil which can be sucked thru the shaft seal.
Mini doesn't have a s/c service policy and dosn't sell the corect oil for it.
When the sump is dry, the rear gears (which are no longer available from Eaton) grind to dust. It would not have been hard to add a remote fill or dipstick whent the car was desgined."...

Rocket on wheels
Source: Edmunds

...I'm always shocked at how exciting this ride is everytime my foot touches the accelerator.
It's the grown-up's go-kart, on steroids. Mario can eat my dust!
How did they put such a large herd of horses under that tiny hood? This car literally growls and thunders when I hit the starter.
And what's even more shocking is the fuel economy.
Still get low 30's even with my happy feet dancing on that gas pedal.
And the bucket seats are perfection - I heard BMW has a PhD designing their seats. It has to be perfect in order to keep you in it!...

Little orange mini
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Fun to drive, outstandling handling, heated seats, double sun roof Cons: Could do with rain guards for windows and I wouldn't recommend the smaller minis as 4-passenger cars.
That being said, for a couple like us with no kids, it's wonderful for us and the dogs! Overall: Thoroughly enjoy this car and, for the price, I don't think it can be beat!...

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