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Best car for the price
Source: Edmunds

...This is the best car for the price. It has value inside and out. Never has a car been built with this technology for the price. 3 years and 36000 miles of free schedule maintance is awsome too...

Very Unreliable and Pricey Repairs

..."I've owned an '03 cooper for about 3 years now and it's one of my worst purchases I've ever made...

I'll Motor Again!
Source: Edmunds

...I saw my first "new" Mini sometime in late summer of '02, and was smitten!
My '03 S is Indigo Blue and has the sport package, the factory tint is sooo dark.
The HK stereo system rocks and this little rocket still holds all of my drums!
But, the seat hugs me every day, and I actually look forward to my commutes home!
There's this particular merging ramp where I live, and I make it a point to plan my route just so I can take this banked, curvy stretch going fast...

I loooooooooove it!
Source: Edmunds

...I've had my MCS for almost a year, and now I could never be without one. It's not perfect, BUT I DON'T CARE!...

Good Bang for the Buck
Source: Edmunds

...Without exception this is the best car I have ever owned.
This automobile is solidly built, extremely well finished, and just pure fun to drive.
I have owned a number of high end cars but none of them compare to this gem. Mini has the smartest marketing and support from the factory to the dealer, it's a total winner...

Still a new classic
Source: Edmunds

...Some people think that the popularity of the new beetle is waning and with the rise of the mini cooper, it will cease to exist.
I hope they're wrong.. the styling is wonderful inside and out, the safety features and ease of use are terrific, and it is stable and fun to drive...

Great to Drive; Not the Best Build quality
Source: Edmunds

...This is one of the reasons that I purchased the vehicle. Though built by BMW, there is much to be said about build quality. BMW should be careful not to bring down its reputation with Mini's poor quality. The sunroof in my car has had to be repaired/replaced a couple of times but the rattles continue. I have been experiencing other rattles in other parts of the car.. I am not the only one with this problem. I even met another person at the same dealership with the same problems. BMW of Canada cannot fix these problems. They do try very hard to fix them, however. I give them kudos for effort...

2003 MINI Cooper S
Source: Edmunds

...I have had the car only two weeks, but so for it has been a blast. Just love to drive this car. My other auto is a 1997 Darkar Yellow BMW M3. Haven't driven it in two weeks! Motor On :)...

Happiness Went Downhill
Source: Edmunds

...The car was great when i first got it. but after 4 brake repairs (which the dealer insists is my fault, even though the caliper locks up on the rotor), this car is driving me to the poorhouse.
everytime i rebound from paying off repairs, the car brakes down and i need to have it repaired again.
i would NEVER buy another one. and i recommend anyone who is looking into this vehicle to look for something else.
the dealership has done their best to make me happy, but it doesn't change the fact that i haven't been able to keep this car out of the shop for more than six months at a...

Super Cooper
Source: Edmunds

...I drive this vehicle daily on the German autobahn. There are no speed limits, I generally cruise at 110 MPH.
I recently entered an amatuer drag race with professional timing equipment and clocked a 14.4 second quarter mile from a dead stop.
I also have not found a vehicle that can be purchased in the U.S.
that can keep up with me on winding roads. Although it is not a family car, I can take my wife and baby on a day trip with stroller.
I was also able to pack complete camping gear for a weekend in the back with the seats down, to include large cooler, tent, folding chairs...

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