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Nice vehicle
Source: Edmunds

...Overall its a good vehicle. Great towing ablity, plenty of power, smooth ride, however lots of road noise.
The gas mileage is terrible. At best we can get 14 to 15 mpg. With these high gas prices I would not recomend buying this type of vehicle...

I love it!

..."I purchased my Mountaineer in 07 and have been completly satisified with it. The only complaint is the gas mileage. But the other features make of for this shortcoming. I absolutely love it!"...

Love it much!
Source: Edmunds

...I will be so bummed out when I need a new one and have to settle for the smoother ride. But, I don't know if I will ever buy another type of vehicle EVER again. It is my favorite of all time and I was one of those girls in the late 80's early 90's who had a Chrysler LeBaron convertable. Mine was even manual turbo transmission with cruise control! My dealer keeps sending me notices saying "We want your 2000 Mountaineer, it's in demand!" I know it's a ploy to get me to buy a new car, but I agree with anyone who would steal it from me. What a TRUCK! XXXOOO to whoever designed it...

Good Deal
Source: Edmunds

...Bad on gas but has plenty of power handles like a car no problem as of yet lot of room inside and very quiet ride...

Good car, bad resale

..."This car is a good car and while some what prestigious, it may not be worth the money.
Mine now has 80000 miles and needs alot of work, not good. Our mechanic says that it will more than likely die at 140000 miles, sad because we had a suburban to last to 200000"...

Best SUV Ive owned

..."Good towing performancePoor gas mileageWould recommendGreat SUVNice interior and luxuryReliable and durable.Great in the snow"...

My Second Mountaineer

...Its extremely comfortable and everybody loves to ride in it. It has held up very well for the amount of miles it has. Ive driven many SUVs and no other mid size comes close to its performance (4.6 v-8) and i believe styling. Its also American built in Kentucky which is nice. Living in the Cleveland area it has been fully tested in the worst weather and has done great. The features in it like heated seats and heated mirrors are great too. If you see one, get it, and enjoy passing the imports on or off road."...

2000 Mercury Mountaineer Review
Source: Edmunds

...Fun, reliable vehicle. Handles well. Comfortable and well-designed interior. Gas mileage average (17/23) for V8...

1st Merc
Source: Edmunds

...We've only owned our Mountaineer for 3 days, and it's our first SUV.
We've already used it to haul a number of large items home, and we love the roominess, power, handling, and convenience of the vehicle.
Compared to the minivans, other SUV's, and cross- over vehicles we looked at and drove (Buick Rendezvous,
Nissan Murano, etc.), this vehicle is an incredible value, even before the free DVD system offered at the time!...

Worst nightmare!
Source: Edmunds

...This vehicle has been nothing but a heartache for me since day 1.
I thought my wife and I were buying a reliable vehicle for our family of 4 and I've been disappointed with it the whole time I've owned it.
Cd player broke at 29000 miles, transmission problems at 40000 miles, and now rear windows, rear AC pump, and ball joints are going bad.
Car has 65000 miles on it! What's next?! Oh yeah! I forgot about the time the battery ran completely dead and disarmed my keys so I couldn't start the car afterwards.
Had to have the car towed to a Mercury dealership 28 miles away and...

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