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4 cyl Mariner runs great
Source: Edmunds

...Took delivery in March. In mostly suburban driving we are getting 22.5 mpg.
Highway 27 mpg. This in northern New Jersey with AWD.
7500 miles so far and no issues. You have to push the car to get it to perform at times.
But I expect that with only 153 hp. Cruises at 85-90 no problem at all. We have the convenience package which is the not loaded version. But includes 6 cd, sunroof etc. nicley packaged...

Better than Advertised!

..."I am a previous Honda owner- traded in my 2006 Rdigeline pick-up (15mpg)I have owned my AWD for 4 weeks now.
Never got below 29.9 mpg, got up to as much as 32.1 mpg...yes on the AWD.
Average MPG is 30.1 after 6 fill ups.Very comfotable, nimble, it's a hit.Excellent Vehicle!The only oversight on Ford's part: Could use a bigger glove box and more storage."...

Love it!!

..."I was a little concerned about buying this vehichle based on another review I read about the vehicle being very noisy on the highway.
I test drove it again, on the interstate and noticed no noise problems.
I even drove with the moonroof open and actually thought it was a lot quieter than other vehicles I have had.
It is a great family vehicle. With a 2 1/2 year old and one on the way we needed the extra space.
We were debating between the Ford Escape and the Mercury Mariner and decided on the Mariner because we liked the look better and the price for the features.

fluid leak
Source: Edmunds

...I recently purchased my mariner used at 40,000 miles, 1 month later I noticed fluid leaking.
Turns out Ford sent the transmission fluid through the A/C condenser and from what I have heard its been nothing but a problem!
The good news is this issue has been recalled and I was able to get everything replaced for free. Other then the leak, I love my new car!...

Glad I have it, but some quibbles

...I'm of average height, but the seat cushions are not long enough - I feel like I'm perched on a padded stool.Third, the soundproofing is better than previous models, but it is inadequate. Road noise at highway speeds is louder than it should be.Fourth, the "audiophile" sound system sounds great a slow speeds, but does not compensate for road noise.Fifth, I wish that it had Xenon or at least better headlights.Last, there is a lot of fancy chromed plastic in the cabin, which should have had a satin finish - it's blinding when the sunlight hits it!All of this being said, I'd buy the car again -...

Outstanding value and mileage

..."I have had this car for almost a year and have 13K miles on it.
No matter how I drive it, I average 30 mpg', highway, mixed.This SUV offers the best value, mpg, and features for your money.
While not a "luxury" SUV, it is very well equipped and nicely appointed.
Anyone considering a small-midsize wagon or SUV should look at this one...Perhaps the only drawback is it's inability to tow..."...

Source: is completely loaded! i love it! iv always known that i was going to get a brand new car of my choice depending on safety. i expecially wanted the Lexus RX but after compared them the Mariner had it beat by a land slide! then i compared every every small suv, i wanted only a suv! the mariner had more for the money! i got a $27,000 vechile for $24,000! i was so excited! its am awsome ride, and drive! i get SOOO many Compliments on it! i love the ice blue lights on the interior and the popup window in the back! its an AMAZING SUV! i would recommond this to anyone!!!! over anythin!!!"...

Love it

..."I traded in my Expedition (which I bought new in 2000 and loved) I needed better gas mileage and I found it.
It's hard to get used to the smaller size but it's fun to drive and I am much happier now that I am paying less than half of what i use to in gas!I Love my little car!"...

Another great vehicle!
Source: Edmunds

...This is my second Mariner and I could not be happier. I previously had a 2005. The slight changes made to this model have been well appreciated. Love that the base price came down as well...

Overlooked by many, but try one first

..."My 2008 Mariner Premier has style, quality, features, quiet ride.
I tried to find a good reason to buy an import, but Merc had an overall solid feel, a better ride and more features.
Not perfect but a really fine choice in compact SUV category. Worth trying out. JD Power rates Mercury higher initial quality than most other makes."...

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