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Love The Car But Everyday New Problems Crop Up, It Seems
Source: CarGurus

...Holding off from full review. Only have the car for 2 months, already had problem with Check Engine light and brake lining lights coming up on dashboard.
Newly replaced transmission fluid, smell of burnt oil but letting it burn off per mechanic's advice...

Everything Major That Could/would Need Repair On This Vehicle Has Been Done By Qualified Mechanic
Source: CarGurus

...Ultimate Man Machine V-12....more power than able to use, legally that is...
Have owned car since 1996. Also own 1978 SL-450 and am about to retire and want to start putting money into my first love, the 450...

Mecedes' Are Always Good.
Source: CarGurus

...Sitting to low was the only downside, it was a great car, comfortable, pretty, (at the time) and ofcourse a convertable.
It was a costly car to purchase but I never had a problem besides a flat tire, it was under warranty anyway.
I don't recall the exact gas mileage it got, but don't remember thinking it was expensive to fill the gas tank...

Biggest waste of money

..."Where do I begin .. the 2003 has plagued with issues, ABC Leaks, Gas tank baffle comes loose, Trunk pump bad..
I paid 28k for this and getting 13k in trade because of the $5000 repairs I am not willing to make to it for the KNOWN issues with the ABC system.
At some point I need to stop putting money into something that has not held its value!
This was my first and LAST mercedes... Come on Mercedes this was a 90k car new, 8 years later a toyota ford festiva is more reliable!!!"...

Sl R129
Source: CarGurus

...Timeless roadster from Mercedes-Benz, a modern classic.
Legendary Mercedes-Benz reliability. It's a heavy car, but the straight six will deliver the needed performance and acceleration.
When well taken care of, it will lead a trouble-free life. Comes with a soft and hard top...

SL Class Mercedes are the king of roadsters!
Source: MSN Autos

...Mine is only maintained by RBM of Atlanta, a Mercedes dealer, and everything starts at $1,000 to repair. I have had many repair tickets in the 2 to 3 thousand range, and sit that was almost $8,000. Also, she gets worse gas milage than a Cadillac Escalade at 12 city 19 Hwy and requires premium fuel. Overall: An SL Class is not a car for everyday use, its a special car, for special occastions, and sunny days. Its also a car that makes you feel very special while driving it, king or queen of the road so to speak. Ive had mine forever, will never get rid of it, thats just how much...

A great car buy!

..."After months of looking got me in touch with a seller in Fortworth TX.
On the internet it was a beauty. When I got to see and drive it it was everything I had hoped.
The body was flawless. It drove well and it had every option you could want in a luxury sports car.
The leather was in good shape and the mileage was low (54,000)for the you came through for me!"...

My Baby
Source: CarGurus

...super safety powerful one ever, but spare parts and maintenance are very expensive.
the best quality sporty car with all dreaming options provided. if i have the choice again, i will chose you my baby because you still my dream car...

Absolutely perfect car

..."I own 2011 SL 550 for just over 1 year right now. I put total of 10
,000 miles in it and I am falling in love with this car more and more every day.It took me a while to understand and feel the benefit of ABC (Active Body Control).
Driving any other car without ABC now annoys me.I
have 2 complaints and they are very small:In Cruising
mode downshifting from 4th gear to the 3rd gear is
somewhat delayed/sluggish when driving uphill.Voice command system is 95% accurate on addresses and about 75% accurate on the names in the address book (I do have a bit of a foreign...

Bold And Beautiful
Source: CarGurus

...This car moves heads. You can not be alone in this kind of car.
It moves like no other. Many amenities. The power behind this little SL500 is unbeatable.
Multi CD changer, Navigation, tire pressure monitor system, wood trimming, Bose sound system, 12-way pwr/heated front, convertable, tinted windows, and much more...

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