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Mercedes Benz Loyalist
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: This is my seventh mercedes benz purchase, the first within the E-class.
This automobile has tremendous "curb appeal", and the "on road" performance is incomparable to any other vehicle in its class.
The cabin is extremely quiet and controls are well positioned for excellent driver functionality.
I have owned four S class models and find the ride to be comparable to those vehicles yet connected to the road in feel and performance.
Cons: There is nothing to dislike! Overall: This is a true winner for Mercedes Benz! I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking...

E320 at 195,000 miles
Source: Edmunds

...I bought this car about 1.5 yrs ago and my wife takes this car from nj to Lex va reguraly about 1000 miles round, I have no fear in letteing her do this with this car, I WOULD NEVER let her use any of our other cars ((3) all with less milage) to do this,,, this car gets about 30mpg , stops on a dime with akbono pads , and you can eat a bowl a soup in this car at 100-120mph and yes I've run this car personaly on I95, I81, and I76 multiple times in the triple digits ,The BEST USED CAR I've ever owned, this veh gets regular service , and when it was bought i recvd complete records, if you can do...

It could be worse I guess...

..."Being only seventeen I could have a worse car, but after giving my 2010 E350 to my sister (Her BMW had an engine failure...) I got this from my dad as it was a car we kept at our vacation home.
It is a nice looking car, but Mercedes-Benz could have been a bit more generous in the quality department.
Things like the passenger mirror break without any notice, Bulbs burn out every week, and my personal favorite, the car like to make up faults that don't exist via the information screen.
The good points do outweigh the cons, however. For somebody like me that drives hundreds of...

Dream Car

..."I absolutely love the new Mercedes Benz E550 Cabriolet.
It is the perfect size and offers great comfort. I love the built in Bluetooth and improved navigation system, especially the real time traffic through Sirius."...

Bad Deal

..."Excellent drive - sounds good; however has missing parts on the inside. price has increased 700 dollars since Sept 2"...

beautifull car

..."Interior and exterior are beaitfull and agressive at the same time. E350 cvt engine is just about right not be smaller. Radio acts up when connected to the ipod."...

Great Car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Have no complaints about this vehicle. It's quiet, comfortable & love the style.
Cons: Could be better gas mileage. On the highway up to 29mph. around town 18,19. Overall: I would recomend this vehicle to purchase...

Incredibly solid ride and high comfort w/excellent

..."Have owned two; both remarkably reliable, excellent road handling quality; good torque at low speeds with strong 6 cyliner straightinline engine; very smooth a powerful at speeds over 50 up to 100mph,
top keeps road noise to a minimum (as compared to several other cars owned);leather seats and fine traveling vehicle; suggest water repelling tire treads,
slightly oversized also good,always use high test, never pinging,find a good mechanic for maintenance and they are available!"...

New dimension for me!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Everything! Ride, comfort, looks! Cons: Rather complicated to use all the features. Need to go back to school. Overall: I would buy the same car if I had to do it again...

OK Vehicle
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Ride, responsiveness, appearance, comfort Cons: Very complicated technology,
Body panel fit not up to what I expect of MB Overall: Reasonably satisfied and am waiting to see what MB does about the Quality defects we have.
This is the first MB we have owned and feel that it does not quite measure up to our previous Lexus...

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