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E55 autobahn Power!!!!
Source: Edmunds

...Great car Im very happy with whats nice about the AMG E55 is its exclusivity, not many people know what your driving or have any type of understanding of the potency and performance of this car.
This car is an excellent cruiser on the highway or in town. I love it...

2002 Mercedes Benz E320

..."Excellent commuter car. Performs very well, up to 32 MPG highway driving can be achieved. Very reliable and safe."...

E55 - The "Q" Car
Source: Edmunds

...Love the power and few know what you are really driving.
Needs more leg room for really long drives for those of us over six feet tall (your right foot will cramp).
Handling is great, love those "g" forces in a rock solid corner at high speed. It was the first delivered in the SE and I have put 10K miles on it this last year...

Whadabout da paint chips!
Source: Edmunds

...I've only had this car for about 4 months now but this car is great.
I love the way it looks from the outside, but the interior could be better.
The V8 is just right for me, but that doesn't mean that the E320 is weak and slow.
I love this car. But am I the only person that notices how easily this car gets paint chips? This is my biggest problem with the car. I think the older models had more durable paint...

Reliable and Sun Visor
Source: Edmunds

...excellent automobile that is responsive to commands. It handles extremely well and drives like you would expect a Mercedes to drive...

A sales reps review of this car

..."I have purchased a 2002 MB E-320 4-Matic. I am very happy with the overall performance of the vehicle in terms of handling, speed, take-off, and cruising...

Bad buy
Source: Edmunds

...I bought the first edition E430 4 yrs ago. I have nothing but trouble.
It seem like I have to take the car in for repair almost every month.
Every single light bulbs in the car has been change at least once. Fan belt broke on my way to airport. I wish I bought a Luxus. I will never buy another Mercedes again...

Good:But Lexus is just as good.
Source: Edmunds

...Overall, the car is fun to drive and very comfortable.
Performance is good and interior design is not bad. The front is very attractive but the rear I don't like as much. Looks too much like a box from behind...

Total Package
Source: Edmunds

...This is my first Mercedes and I love it. It has everything. I was deciding between the E430 and the BMW 5-series and I just think the value is better with the E430. Also it looks better...

e 55
Source: Edmunds

...This is a wonderful car. A mix between luxury and sport preformance. I would recommend this car to anyone...

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