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...Overall: AWESOME...

Most Reliable Car I've Owned


Luxury meets Ultimate Performance
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...The front seats pushes up automatically with flick on the side switch.The exterior is classic Mercedes look but with a change of AMG rims, this car can probably be the chick magnet for your college years or for your working life. The only car that may be in its way is the CLK 430 which is way more expensive but you may not want to get another car if you get that. This one would too and my dad doesn't want to drive a sedan anymore. He was right getting rid of the S Class and get this. Cons: Cons, yeah right, you wish... Overall: I would give a 10 if this was the only model in its CLK class...

Best Cross Country Luxury Performance Sports Car?
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...Overall: I think that Mercedes fixed a couple of small minor things when they released the 2000 CLK's.
For one, they moved some of the control functions for the radio/etc. to the steering wheel. Otherwise, this is the most perfect high performance car that I have ever owned. No problems to date...

Not so hot
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...Pros: The car looks great. The roof operates easily.
Fast as heck and a real head-turner. Fun to drive, especially in good weather.
Cons: Not a year-round car. Handles terribly in snow and in rain.
I've had problems with the tires going flat and also the spoiler falls off easily.
Overall: If you can afford to drive this car in nice weather only, it's worth it probably. If not, take a pass. You will find something better for year-round driving...

Great car

...".Great car looks like new inside and out. Drove very nice and can see that in was always garage keep.
The top is like brand new. Even all rubber gaskets look like new. We actaully where looking for a hrad top C Class but had to check this car out. It is still a consideration we are thinking about."...

A real rocket
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...Pros: The style Cons: The seats. A little bit unconfortable Overall: The car is excellent. I will keep it for years...

The best GT car for the money
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...The M3 may handle great (it does), but who really can use that to the extreme in everyday driving. The CLK 430 is best. Cons: The Comand Center option is really neat but it takes some time to get all the functions down pat. Even the folks at the dealership didn't really know how to work it. Having the CD changer in the trunk is a pain but with the Comand Center, you can play single from the drivers seat. Overall: This a truly outstanding GT car. I've driven as much as 800 miles in 12hrs. and gotten out feeling fine, ready for more. The mid range performance, 50mph to 100mph is superb and few...

CLK body roll
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...Body roll is noticeable. The car needs larger diameter stabilizer bars both front and rear. Car is well designed in all other performance characteristics. No real aftermarket performance options available. This is a limitation that will affect the new C that MB is promoting. Overall: Overall the CLK is a pleasure to own. It has head turning styling, and is a pleasure to drive. MB service bullitins have been thurough and promplty attended to during normally scheduled service. The CLK 320 has plenty of torque and is a good compromise between performance and fuel ecomomy...

mercedes on a roll
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...i like the wow factor, many looks and comments are offered whenever im out for a drive. the drivers seat offers the most room ive ever had the pleasure to experience in a coupe. Cons: the backseat should have been deleted, its not very useful except for coats, pkgs and your dog. the rear window is hard to clean on the inside. the car absolutely should have a tilt steering wheel. after some driving, it becomes tiring to hold the steering wheel because the angle is quite high. Overall: this car is worth every penny. i love to make excuses to drive it. you can find other quite capable cars for...

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