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Mazda Millenia S
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I love the POWER ! Cons: I have had lots of exhuast problems with rotting egg smell & I've taking in to the dealship more that 5 time for the problem,
& they just can't get it fixed right Overall: I would love to have a dealship that knows what they are doing or more people that know how to work on the car,
Other than the dealship not doing it job, I love hte car...

2002 Millenia S
Source: Edmunds

...Awesome value for the money. For $10K less than a similar Mercedes C-Class or Lexus ES300, this car was too hard to pass up. It's fun to drive and I always get compliments on it...

Source: MSN Autos

...Overall: EXCELENT...

Great Car For the Money
Source: Edmunds

...We went to the dealer prepared to buy the Mazda 6. While browsing the inventory my wife spotted this Millenia among the other cars.
It was love at first sight. Great looking car compared to the 6's. Test drive was the kicker and huge price reduction from sticker ($8k)...

Millenia - So..So
Source: Edmunds

...The 2000 Millenia rides well but is a bit sluggish.
The upshifting when passing traffic is particularly annoying.
However, since I am a conservative driver it is acceptable to me.
There are many good features on this car. The leather is quite nice.
The heated seats are great. The car is very handsome to look at with its two tone paint job. Overall, I believe I got a fair deal for the money (I got about 5000 off sticker)...

2002 mazda millenia
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: looks good,dependable,quiet,well built Cons: underpowered engine
,very tight inside,heavy car(leans too much in corners) Overall: for $30k....there are a lot better choices.the engine is way too weak.very cramped inside and im only 5'9"...

pearl black widow
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: Reliable? Car broke down within 24 hours.Engine overheated. Supercharger made strange noises.Head Gasket blown. Mechanic stated would cost thousands to fix.TCS light on.Oil light kept blinking. Car cutoff on the highway and left me stranded for work. Overall: Approach with caution.Make sure you have a large bank account. It looks beautiful but the car is dangerous.After researching all car magazines, CAR AND DRIVER, MOTOR TREND, AUTOMOBILE, they said the car was very reliable. They sure were wrong...

New Lexus looks and better performance for 3-year old Lexus money.
Source: MSN Autos

...great Bose sound system; you don't pass 10 of them on the way to work everyday; neighbors all think I bought a Lexus; dealers are offering massive discounts - I bought mine for a full 1/3 less than the sticker price! Cons: Tight interior and low seating takes some getting used to; fewer bells and whistles than one should get for $33K (but lotsa stuff for 22K!); shallow trunk. Overall: A great value for the (discounted) money while they last. The S model is the only one to consider; the Premium model is a 626 in a dinner jacket. A car to buy if you plan to drive it a long time; if you like to...

Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Good looking, decent acceleration, good ride.
Cons: Uses Premium Fuel, Not that great on gas milage.
Cup holder flimzy and awkward possition. Steering wheel does not tilt up high enough(pretty much only tilts down to your lap).
Transmission does not shifts very rough. Overall: DO NOT BUY THIS CAR ! It will turn into a money pit. The...

Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: the style, the handling, the look of "class" - a real pleasure to drive. i think it makes a statement -- prestige!! Overall: great! spectacular! a real pleasure to own!...

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