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Millenia Fever
Source: MSN Autos

...Didn't care how much it cost , just knew I had to get one. After 2 years, my opinion changed. The gas mileage, very poor through the city. And the side doors and panels cannot with stand side by side parking. I also notice through the years its poor perfomance in speed and handling. Overall: My Mazda Millenia still looks great. I will continue to drive it, I can never go back to a 2 door or compact. If Mazda ever decided to make a V8 version of the Millenia, I would most likley take a second chance. It still has the speed to compete with any 2 door sports car...

2002 Platinum Silver Matallic
Source: MSN Autos

...I opt for the 100k warranty, the Plat Silver Metallic, grey leather, with DARK tinted windows, factory rear spoiler with bright brake light, 17in alloy wheels, sunroof deflector, black pinstripe and a mirrored front mazda license plate.....Georgeous!! Cons: No One Touch Sunroof Option? No One Touch Power Up on Drivers Side Window? No Self Locking Door Locks As You Put The Car In Drive? No Seat Memory Functions No Lights In The Control Buttons On The Steering Wheel and Rear Door Buttons. Heated Seats should come standard...They are Cold...I had a BMW and I miss many of the options listed...

Blue-collard buy
Source: MSN Autos

...Very powerful vehicle with very little road noise if any. You are getting a great vehicle for the money. I still smile inside when someone compliments my car or watches as it passes by. I find myself gauking at it still; when my wife drives away. I only have 26K miles but enjoy putting them on. Even drove cross country in it. Cons: MAZDA discontinued this vehicle when it should be on their luxury line. Mazda has fallen behind competetion, even American built but like many companies have returned former formidible vehicles of its pass so should Mazda begining with the Millenia. Re-sale value...

Great for the money
Source: Edmunds

...I bought this car used from a Mazda dealer. I loved it when I first saw it in 2001 (white with gold bottom).
This car in 2008 still has its look. In features, except for the navigation system can compete with most of the new ones out there.
If you are looking for a nice used sedan, do not forget to consider this one...

Best car I ever owned
Source: Edmunds

...Bought it at 32000 miles, have doubled the miles since then and have put a total of $24.71 into the car (defective oil sending unit).
Was rear-ended on the highway by a mid- size truck, car protected all occupants perfectly. Unbeleivable realiablilty...

2002 S model
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Best bang for your $ Cons: Mildew smell from a/c vents Overall: As much as I want to buy another car, I can't force myself to get rid of this last model year/miller cycle peice of work.
In my book it will become a seldom heard of classic...

Love my Milenia
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: With almost 100,000 miles it still runs like a new car and feels very solid.
No rattles. Very fun to drive, handles like a dream.
Excellent acceleration on the highway. Cons: Special Miller cycle engine can only be repaired by dealer.
Will be outrageously expensive to repair if it ever breaks down. Cost of insurance is high. Gas mileage isn't that great. Overall: Has been extremely reliable!...

classy car. All what women wants.
Source: MSN Autos

...Also the powered adjusting seats are great for petite girls like me. Cons: The performance. You step on the gas pedal.... but it takes a while to get the desirable speed. Overall it need more power. Highway and Freeway just awesome. You just need to becareful to not pass the speed limit because it is very smooth and you won't even feel going 80:) (maybe you will after getting a ticket) At least I never got one! The requisite of Premium gas is too expensive. Overall: I like it. Well it's not a college girl car but I like it. The sad part is the premium gas...

the ultimate car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: nothing Cons: nothing Overall: awsome...

Black Beauty
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Handling is not quite up to BMW standards, but sporty and comfortable.
A real head turner! Cons: No driver seat memory. Confusing climate controls.
Overall: My black beauty is a real head turner. People ask, what is it? A bargin especially if there is a rebate. Certainly a nice car to drive...

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