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Mazdaspeed 3, Ms3, Speedy... Whatever You Call It... You Should Get It!!!
Source: CarGurus

...My Mazdaspeed 3 (MS3, Speedy) makes me smile every time I drive it!...

Great Ride For The Money
Source: CarGurus

...This was a great ride I loved this car! needed something bigger for work otherwise I would still be driving it.
Not a race car but lots of fun to drive! Would love to drive the mazdaspeed 3 for the hell of it...

Awesome Fun, Great Value

...The interior is a bit chintzy but the styling of the car is both impressive and dominating. The exhaust tone is low and the turbo spools smoothly getting you to 60 in a heart beat. The car has a some torque steer when getting into the 5K rpm range in first and second gears. Though if you ask me, it makes driving the car that much more fun. Mazda makes cars fun and this just that! It's not sophisticated and certainly not a $40,000 Subaru. So if you expect something that is more polished, you'll want to shell out the extra cash and buy up. However, if you're like me and looking for an...

Big Performance in a Small (Yet Practical) Package
Source: MSN Autos

...they are unusable in any cold & damp (under 40 degrees F) conditions -- MUST switch to snow tires before it gets cold; heated seats would be nice if they were available; clutch is a bit abrupt in actuation; a taller 6th gear would be nice for highway driving; the car would be near-perfect it was rear-wheel drive Overall: The car is a performance bargain; serious turbo power when needed, but good gas mileage when trundling along; xlnt handling; very well made - no problems encountered in 3 yrs of driving; very practical yet capable of surprising/blasting past sports cars w/ much more...

Fun to Drive? Oh yeah!

..."This car is my daily driver here in the Northwest US.
I looked at many different cars online and in magazines and decided on this one for the following reasons: 1) Fun to drive.
2) Good relability. 3) Reasonable Gas Mileage. 4) Limited slip differential.
5) Practicality of the hatchback design. The car came with good summer performance tires;
a set of Continental DWS All Seasons gave it a little loss of handling but much quieter and slightly softer ride.The standard equipment and interior are excellent for the price."...

great fun

..."The mazdaspeed3 is a great fun car. I think the looks are absolutely awesome(which I can't say about the gen2 Mazdaspeed3.
The performance is great. acceleration is typical small turbo/low end torque design but you can't argue with the numbers 0-60etc.The ride is just the right amount of sportiness without being harsh,
and the entire car feels solid. For my money I think it is hard to find more smiles per dollar."...

Nice sports car

..."Bought new 2012 mazdaspeed 3 a month ago. Car drives amazing.
Interior is nicely designed. its got more than enough power to keep up with the v8s.
Only thing I don't enjoy that much is the suspension. It is a little harsh for daily use. Overall it's one of best sports car I have owned."...

My Car
Source: CarGurus

...go to to see more about my car. Great performance from a compact car w/o engine add-ons.
Fun car to drive. Not a high maintenance car, and they hit a home run with the overall design. Probably will add a mazdaspeed 3 to my collection soon...

Fantastic Car
Source: Edmunds

...I spent over a year researching cars to buy when I finally got a job after college and I finally decided on the Mazdaspeed 3.
I lucked out and found a Grand Touring model with the windows already tinted and it only had about 5K miles on it.
I LOVE this car!! By far the best bang for your buck when it comes to performance cars.
I am an aggressive driver and this car handles and BRAKES on a dime!
The only problem I have ever had is the pistons have misfired a few times due to bad gasoline.
Currently at about 34K miles and going strong! I also highly recommend getting...


..."Excellent performance, great gas mileage at least 30mpg when driving conservatively. The only thing I don't like is the noisy transmission. Handles like it is on a rail."...

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