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More ZOOM ZOOM for your buck!!
Source: MSN Autos

...Wish Mazda gave more options when it comes to their wheels. Minor detail but as a car geek, little things like this bother me. Overall: Overall a pretty sweet car. Bought it late Jul '10 and have put 17k miles on (Yes, I do a lot driving) and haven't had any problems thus far. It seems the only reason why people shy away from this car is MPG (Hence the reason why Mazda is contemplating ending Mazda 6 production in the USA after 2012). For the price that you pay for one of these beautiful machines, it's really hard to complain about this model. I really can be driven by anyone. And that V6...

2012 Mazda6

..."My final 2 choices were the Mazda6 and Honda Accord-SE.
Comperably equiped, the Mazda 6 initially was less expensive. Look at estimated 5 year costs to see if you can make a deal to ensure lowest longer term costs as well...

Best bet for the money

..."I really enjoy the Madza 6. Even though I had not driven a manual transmission in over 5 years, I was able to quickly maneuver the 6 speed.
I feel that this car performs great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase a new car."...

Mazda 6s Manual
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...I purchased this car in 03 and now have 28,000 miles on the vehicle. The problems started at 4,500 miles and I have had the clutch pad and flywheel replaced 3X and now going to be a 4th. The dealers nor mazda admit to having had any issues, but if you look at all the sites for mazda clubs you will see clutch problems on many of the cars from 03-05. Mazda is not taking this problem seriously, but average cost of out of warranty repair is $1,600.00. Warranty loses coverage on parts at 12,000 unless a new part is added and then it extends the warranty another 12,000 miles. Mazda needs to take...

Never Again

..."Well, I reluctantly traided my 2008 Mazda 6 that I LOVED for a 2011 Mazda 6 because of the miles I had on the 08 (115,000).
Well, what a mistake!! When I pulled out of the dealer we had to turn around and go back because there was god awful sound under the hood, 2 weeks later still don't know what it was.
Now, when you fill up the gas tank, you hear a sloshing sound and thumping like something is rolling around in the trunk yet the trunk is empty.
The car feels cheap despite it's very stylish body.
I fought with the dealer who would not let me trade it for a different...

An Almost Perfect Car- FOR THE PRICE
Source: MSN Autos

...If you hated it that much, don't buy it. Those things have not changed (performance would have slight gains actually) from when you test drove it. Overall: I like it. 12,000 trouble free miles in almost 1 year of ownership. by the way, the manual 6 will beat an automatic Altima any day in a flat out race (i know apples to oranges) and would drive circles around any Altima in a road course because of the high end power and superior handling charecteristics (i.e. lack of body roll and more confidence inspiring feel around corners) If you want luxury then pay $4000 more and go for the Altima...

Best Value for the Money

..."I purchased my 2006 Mazda6 in January of 2012, with 91,800 miles on the odometer.
The car has been terrific, even thought the dealership I bought it from will never get my business again.
The car is very roomy, with a massive trunk. My Mazda6 came with the 2.3L engine and a 5 speed manual transmission.
Even with just a small 4 cylinder engine the car really moves, although I can see why people would get the V6.
For a bigger car it feels light on its feet. My only complaint is the gas mileage (no better then 31MPG), although I knew this before I purchased the car. I would...


..."I have owned the Mazda 6 for about 5 year or 45thousand miles and it had been fantastic.
I have really grown to love the Mazda brand because of this vehicle.
For the price i think you would be very hard pressed to find a car as good and a fun as the mazda 6.
Its hard to explain in such few words but this car is a perfect balance of performance and comfort making it in my opinion very fun to drive (3.0L).
As far a reliability goes i have only had to replace the ignition coils, fuel purge valve, and routine maintenance and i drive the car pretty hard.
As one can see...

Fun sports sedan!
Source: Edmunds

...This was the first car I purchased myself. I'm the second owner of an '06 Mazda6.
In regard to appearance, this car is definitely "sexy", especially in the Dark Cherry color I have.
I drove an '03 Toyota Camry before this Mazda6 and I can assure you, the Mazda6 is sportier, smaller, and more fun to drive.
I haven't had any serious issues with the vehicle, besides the routine maintenance (oil change, tires,).
I had one mechanical problem when I first bought the car but it was under warranty so no cost to me.
The speed and handling of this vehicle is up to par; it...

Mazda 6 wagon

..."Very good car so far. The Grand Touring model and has way to much luxury, but comfy.
Mileage is good and the 6 speed auto works great. Smooth acceleration with the v-6, wagon body has plenty of room. Long trip coming up, expect comfort with less tiring for 400 miles."...

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