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very cute ar

..."My wife and I test drove a mazda 2 one Saturday and were more impressed with it then the Honda Fit.
I'm an Audio Recording Engineer and engine and road noise are something I really notice.
The Fit was very responsive but also very buzzy and not what I expected.
The Mazda 2 was a bit quieter and the engine not as noisy. It's hard to find a quiet car in the small size market but the mazda wins out by maybe 30%. Very cute in the Bright dragonfly green color."...

Zoom Zoom Zoom
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: It's fun to drive and gets good gas mileage. If you primarily drive in the city, this is a great vehicle.
If you like cute, this car literally smiles at you!
Cons: It you need a lot of power for mountain passes, this is not the best vehicle.
It can make it but you have those inpatient V8s behind you wishing they could run over the top of you.
Overall: I've had my Mazda for seven months and I love it. Great value for the price. She makes me happy every time I drive her...

Most Enjoyable Car I've Owned

..."I was looking to trade in my gas-thirsty Honda CR-V for a more fuel efficient car.
I test drove the Nissan Versa, Toyota Corrolla, Hyuandai Accent, The Chevy Cruze and Sonic, and the Toyota Yaris.
I was not impressed with any of those. I decided to test drive a 2012 Mazda2 and I am glad I did.
WOW!!!! It handles like a sports car. The seats are extremely comfortable, there is plenty of room for a family of four and our associated softball equipment.
The stereo rocks and I love the radio controls on the steering wheel.
And the best part, 37 MPG combined HWY/City. This...

2004 Mazda 2.3 Sedan
Source: Edmunds

...I bought my 2004 mazda3 used in 2006 with about 30k miles.
Water pump died at 60k, alternator fried at 80k. Transmission crumped at 120k (ouch
!). Fun to drive, surprisingly smooth on the highway for a 4-cylinder, and a good looking car inside and out. I'd buy another one, but probably opt for a 5-speed next time...

Good solid little car
Source: Edmunds

...Being on a tight budget I bought a 2012 Ford Focus, but I never thought about looking at the Mazda 2. I have driven Toyota's Yaris 4-door and it had a noisy ride and a hard feel on the road. The Mazda 2 had a quiet, solid feel inside with lots of space for a six-foot tall driver. The doors closed with a solid thunk. The Mazda 2 was smooth and fast. The Edmunds review here says that the automatic transmission was not adequate. I thought it was. I hit the pedal hard to get it into passing gear and this car was fast. 100hp was very adequate in my opinion. Smooth and fast acceleration...

First Impression
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Good handling, tight turning circle, good headroom
even for tall driver Cons: Like to have bigger engine with better horse power or at least have better MPG with only 100 horse power Overall: Very well build car.
I hope to be a reliable vehicle like its rival Honda Fit...

Great Little Car
Source: Edmunds

...Shortly after it arrived, the Chevy Sonic and Kia Rio5 also arrived. After checking out all three vehicles, the Mazda2 blew the competition out of the water. It may not have the biggest engine or most features, but it is most definitely the most fun to drive. While many reviews I read commented on the Mazda2's lack of power, I find it to be more than adequate. I love the driving experience provided by Mazda and am especially pleased to be averaging 30mpg (compared to the 20mpg I got in my old vehicle) and not having to spend nearly as much on gas. It really is a great little car that is...

Super Mini Mazda 2
Source: MSN Autos

...With this type of vehicle, one does miss seeing an actual hood but you get used to it. Overall: I'd recommend and rate it super high. It's value for the money is great, comes standard with everything except cruise control. Owned an 09 Yaris prior, near the same price, but no radio, no power windows/locks, no remote,no rear wiper, no cd player, smaller and rather goofy looking and not as comfy either. It's still hard for me to accept even the price of the Mazda, as prices on new cars are just obscene and in reality they are all so much alike, the Mazada 2 stands out for it's total value and...

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