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...Overall: good car...

2000 mazda 626
Source: Edmunds

...hi, i had a 1993 mazda 626 a few year ago, i have to say it was a brilliant car, i had it 2 years and i never had any trouble with it.
I recently purchased a 2000 mazda 626 , which is about 10 year old.
I didn't expect to get a perfect car second hand , i knew it needed some work, i got a set of spark plugs, rear right hand brake caliber and an altenator belt.
I feel the same about this car as i did about my first one, its like a big tank, a big bird on the road, u really get noticed in it.
lol. Its quiet, comfortable, and reliable. I always wanted another 626 after my...

Great car at a great price
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...Pros: I love the way the car drives and feels. It is a classy car without the high price.
Has everything you can expect and more from a car in this price range.
Cons: The only con that I have found so far is the rotars and breaks.
at 50,000 miles they are going to have to be replaced. Overall: I give it a 9 out of 10. No real major problems and great little car...

Do not recommend

..."Although it can be a good car, its appearance is nothing to write home about and the reliability factor is suspect.
My 2000 model has stranded me twice in the 14 months that I have owned it, most recently for a broken transmission cable that is going to cost me upwards of $400.00 to repair.
While searching the internet for descriptions of this problem,
I encountered an alarming number of reported problems
with the transmission on this model - none of the problems have been acknowledged by Mazda and none of the owners have been recompensed by the company or by...

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...I agree, I bought my car just by the look and test drive.
I should have known that when I drove off the lot after signing papers something would go wrong.
Since March last year I have had my car in the shop about 7 times, all to get the transmission replaced.
When I bought the car I did not know about this site. I have finally gotten my car fixed right and it's wonderful...

2000 Mazda 626
Source: Edmunds

...I went from a sporty two-door coupe to my 626 to make room for my new baby.
I have no complaints. I financed my car through Mazda American Credit and have been overly impressed with the service I have received and the performance of my car...

Look some more
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...Pros: It is comfortable and decent riding. Cons: The transmission seems to have problems.
The shifting on vehicle is hard. Definitely have to go with a 6 cyclinder if buying.
This car has depreicated way to fast. Overall: The vehicle is ok but if you can afford something a little nicer I would highly reccommend...

Great Competitor
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...Pros: You can get a great looking, stylish car with a lot of extras (sunroof, leather interior, alloy wheels, etc.) without having to pay an expensive car payment.
Cons: Changes could be made to improve the interior console of the car.
It looks somewhat PLAIN. Overall: Overall this is a pretty good car. It's affordable, stylish, roomy, and most importantly safe. What more can you ask for?...

The Maz
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...Overall: Excellent Car...

zoom zoom
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...Overall: goo dcar...

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