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Most fun car I've owned

..."The most fun per pound and most fun per dollar you'll ever find !With Ferrari looks, Lamborghini handling and mini cooper size, it turns more heads than anything else on the road."...

Hard On Gas, Yes..but, It Is My Toy.. And I Rate It A 5 Star...
Source: CarGurus

...for those whom know about it. and only a few of you do, it is in my Townhouse garage.
Never will I drive my baby ever in the bad rain again..rear wheel slippage... Best 100 I spent in a home lottery ticket...

All about the feel

...It's not a muscle car, and if you want to drag race there are faster cars for cheaper. What this car excels at is cornering. Horsepower isn't everything. The first time I tracked this car I had no trouble keeping up with a driver in a much higher HP mustang, who also had a lot more experience than me. He would pull away some on the straights, but by the end of each corner I'd be almost filling his rear view mirror. Hp is not everything. Also note that the Elise is class champion or 2nd place at the nationals in almost every autocross class where it is legal to run an elise (SSM being the...

Ecstacy on wheels

...This is the MOST pure, readily available car on the road today. It also happens to easily get 30mpg on the highway.It doesn't take much skill to drive in a straight line fast. It takes a lot of skill to drive a Lotus quickly on a track! My Elise is a 2005. It has been bulletproof reliable and gets driven 3000-4000miles per year with 5-12 track days being pushed very hard. Not a single part has broken and motor never burns ANY oil.To me the Lotus is stunning while the GTR should wear a shroud. I owned a STi for 5 years and loved it but realized my driving skills weren't improving with the AWD...

Absolute Junk

..."The Elise is by a LONG way the worst car I've ever driven.
I've seen people say that it's a "hard-core" sports car....whatever.
It has the engine out of a lawnmower. Interior is a joke, just a plasticy rattle trap.
Also, the roof leaks and has virtually no suspension.
Riding a motorcycle would be quieter. A specialty dealer gave me an Elise with 1000 miles on it to drive for 5 days while considering a purchase....I brought it back after 12 hours."...

Lotus Elise

..."I love this car. It is the greatest one I have ever had. Although Interior could be a little nice for the Price. Zoom Zoom Zoom"...

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2009 Lotus Exige S

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2011 Lotus Elise

2011 Lotus Elise Recalled For Faulty Turn Signals

Following last month’s recall of the 2005 and 2006 Lotus Exige and Elise models for potentially dangerous oil leaks, Lotus has issued a new recall, this time only... read more November 21, 2011 by 

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