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The Last Sedan
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: It feels like you're riding in a fancy limo everyday, making it a fun car to drive in; nice interior; sleek styling.
Cons: This thing's pretty difficult to drive; bad fuel economy for a sedan.
Overall: I think this sedan is very enjoyable to drive in, and its styling truely says the name, Lincoln.
With its comfortable interior, minimal problems, and interior styling yerning from the past, this is probably the best choice out there for a lucky elderly couple...

2002 Cartier Series

..."My only complaint is the placement of the front seat cupholders, or more accurately the fact that when you place cups in them your view and access to the HVAC controls is gone...

The Titanic
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: its ride, and durability Cons: nothing Overall: The car's body, and the way it carries itself on the road says it all!
Its a gentleman's car. If you are tired; it roams around gently.
And if you are in the mood of a little speed, it flies through the road with such a great inertia. Excellent car;'reliable, durable, and definetly fancy...

Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I like everything about it!!!! Cons: There's nothing I don't like about this car. Overall: This is my POP-POP'S car. He is trading it in for a 2004. He's getting it at he end of this week...

My First Saturn Wagon
Source: Edmunds

...As the owner of a Lincoln Town Car and having an invalid
wife I need something that could easily handle a wheelchair and that would enable me to sit my wife in the front passenger seat without problems.
It outdoes the Town Car in every respect. Just as responsive.
Just as comfortable, easier storage access. Rides as well and a lot more economical on gas mileage. I made an excellent choice of vehicle...

Pretty good little car
Source: Edmunds

...I have had my car for a few years now and the thing just keeps running.
I have had to put a little money in it here in there to keep it running, but the car has over 133,000 miles on it with no sign of stopping.
I have seen many other cars with over 150,000 and even 200,000.
There are little problems here and there with things such as the electrical system which is typically bad from the factory. Other than that it is a good around town car...

Great Zip Around Town car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Gas mileage, insurance is reasonabale, great visibility, and responds well when gas pedal pressed.
It is not sluggish on hills. Cons: The only thing I hate about this car is the key and lock design.
The keys have a very long neck on them and I have snapped three keys off IN the locks.
Make sure you have several back up keys and monitor them. Overall: The car is very good for the purpose I bought it for...

Upgrade 00 Signature to 02 Cartier
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I like the 235 hp V8 with dual exhaust. Cons: Cup holder in ashtray.
My knee has a tendency to hit it. Overall: I had a mishap with my 00 Signature w/ 100k miles and decided it was time to move up.
I got traded for the 02 Cartier. The improvements made over the 2 years was worth it.
The ride is better and the 235 hp is quieter in passing gear than the older 200hp engine.
The 02 is quieter then the 00. The ride is smoother and the handling is smoother as well. I am glad I made the trade up...

Good highway cruiser
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Great travel vehicle. Lots of room without all the fancy gizmos.
Decent gas mileage for a 4000 pound car on the highway.
Cons: Handling could be better and needs more power.
Any other luxury make will blow your doors off. Bad American car depreciation.
Overall: This is a car to buy if you don't like a million fancy gadgets and just want a good old-fashioned highway cruiser. Could be better, but could be much worse...

excellent car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: everything Cons: nothing yet. Overall: a real luxery automobile...

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