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...Pros: I like the appearance of the car, both inside and outside.
Cons: From the very beginning when I purchased this car the transmission has a jerk and surge when stopping and accelerating.
Lexus does not seem to be able to come up with a fix for the Computer program that operates the transmission in this automobile.
Overall: Since Lexus is no longer making the ES 300, its now the ES 330 that replaced the ES 300 so apparently they have never been able to come up with a fix. Would not recommend...

The Man
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...Pros: This car is a great car. It is well-built and has plenty of good features.
It is extremely reliable Cons: nothing. Overall: The '92 Legend is an outstanding car.
It can compete well with such cars as the Lexus ES 300, Mazda Millenia, BMW 528, Infiniti I30, and Nissan Maxima.
However, the size of the car may lead you to think that it is a full-size family sedan when it really is not.
It is around the same size as a Nissan Maxima or a Lexus ES 300. It is, however, a viable near-luxury sedan...

Poor Drivetrain

..."These vehicles are very nice in every way except for their drivetrains.
The transmission is the biggest problem with them, for they shift inappropriately in stop and go traffic.
These cars average about 18-20 mpg with mixed highway/city driving and have little acceleration unless at full throttle.
These would make a very nice road car averaging about 25-26 mpg(all highway) but they are a bit small inside for longer trips.
For anyone looking for a reliable and smooth daily driver/commuter car, they WILL be disappointed in the 2002-2003 ES300."...

Lexus ES300 gives a BANG for the buck!
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...Pros: high style, great performance, zero maintenance!
Super luxurious interior, much zippier than 210 HP would seem, it's a dream come true and drives like a car priced in the $50,000+ range.
highly recommend!!! Cons: have owned my car 11 months and i haven't found a con yet!
:) Overall: the best value for the money! this doesn't look or drive like a car priced in the 30,000's. I give this car 10 stars out of 10!...

great car

..."This car is perfect. It looks great, rides great and never breaks down.
My friend has a new BMW which he has brought back to the dealer for repairs about 30 times in the past 9 months.
My Lexus has never needed any repairs at all. I bring it in for all scheduled maintenance by Lexus.
The black on black style looks sharp and is not hard to keep clean since you can get free car washes at the Lexus dealer for as long as you own the car,
and they give you free breakfast while you wait for them to clean the car...

No repent my investment. Better than Lexus ES300
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...Overall: This is my first car. I bought the 2002 model in 2001. Although I paid more for that, I still do not repent my investment (hopefully I will not have trouble making the large payments though!!!). The only concern I have is I though I can get a girl friend if I buy this car. Found that I had to buy a BMW for that!!! I compared the car with Lexus ES300. The only difference is Lexus has a better interior with softer leather. I don't think the ES300 has a word to say other than the name, when it comes to "The Acura 3.2TL Type S". For sure you would increase the chance of getting...

2002 Lexus Es300
Source: CarGurus

...This car is exceptional, and runs like a dream. never owned a more solid car.
needs slightly bigger rims though and city fuel consumption is only so-so.
otherwise totally recommend it. The car drives very soft and floaty. not ideal for agressive driving, but as comfortable and luxurious as it gets...

A nice mix of Performance and Luxury
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...I looked at the ES300 but it is too much like a Camery with a little more power. The GS300 gives the power and comfort I want (the cost difference for the larger engine in the 430 I couldn't justify). Cons: Acceleration from a stop is sometimes jurky. This may be with mine but starting from a stop or slow roll causes a little bit of knocking you back in your seat felling if you don't watch it. Not the usual start for a luxury car. Overall: I am very pleased with this car. I have no problems with it besides a tire problem from a nail in theside wall that cost $200 to fix because of the V rated...

Fit for a King
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...Pros: Best mid-size luxury sedan anywhere. For those who want a car that is luxurious, comfortable, handsome and a tremendous joy to drive, this is your car.
Before buying this ES 300, I had always bought American cars.
After driving this car for six months now, it is readily apparent why the Japanese have taken over the automobile market.
Cons: I have not encountered any "cons" yet.
Overall: For those who want to own a car that's fit for a king, yet do not want to pay a king's ransom, the Lexus ES 300 should be at the top of your list...

2001 Lexus ES 300
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Very comfortable. Took my ES on a trip to SC from PA and loved it!
I bought it with 18K on it and the car has been nothing but a pleasure to drive and own.
Looks good inside and out. Roomy and comfortable. Cons: The ES for this year does lack HP but is ok in normal driving conditions (its not a sports car).
Car handles sluggishly at times but again its designed for a luxury ride not sports handling. Overall: Love this car and is an excellent buy. Looking forward to many years ahead of happy ownership...

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