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Great buy for the money
Source: MSN Autos

...I have 3 small children and they all fit well. I like that I can remove the seats to clean the floor. Cons: Children fit well but a little cramped for adults. check engine light constantly on (EGR valve, does not effect performance) but I am sure it will burn out eventually!! Rust by the rear license plate, but only on the surface. Overall: When we shopped for minivans, this was the least expensive and has done a great job. I would have had to spend $5,000 more for a domestic van with the same milage. Plus, mine has a sun roof!!!...

Least Reliable Car I Have Ever Owned

..."leaked anti freeze all over the place and the radiator over heated and the engine block cracked plus the ac broke down a week earlier so i sold it and bought an new charger"...

kia van
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: It is comfortable and roomy Cons: The body and paint work is terrible, I have never had a car with so many dings and scratches on it.
The manufacturer cut corners on this. The steering radius is small-does not turn real sharp.
We have had to get the transmission fixed twice. Gas milege is bad. Overall: I would not refer it to anyone or buy another Kia again...

KIA---means--Killed In Action for '02 Sedona
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Five star safty rating, handeling. Cons: TOO MANY TRIPS TO THE GARAGE.
They still cant figure out what is wrong with my air conditioning system.
Overall: I am not very happy with the reliability of this van; but hey, I had a ford last time and it was even worse! Maybe I am just cursed...

last kia

..."bought my sedonna brand new - and had problems within
just a few months - at first all the problems were fixed with no problem but the closer to the warranty ending the longer it began to take to get the van fixed.
problems include bad cd player, broken sun visor, alternator, air coditioner compressor, gas pump and various engine problems regarding the gas intake and acceleration - stalling problems.
there have been numerous recalls and patches this vehicle has required. I will never buy another first year model again - better to get a vehicle that has had the bugs worked out...

very good for growing family

..."Bought with another child on the way and in desperate need of a SAFE vehicle with more room.
Looked at the competition, but for the price and safety considerations the Sedona was the absolute best choice.
Surprising power for a minivan, does not disappoint when in need of that little extra to get by."...

my van
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: i like the riad. Cons: the van is falling a part after 70000 mils. Overall: a good van...

What a lemon!
Source: MSN Autos

...It's been in the service department every few months. I never enjoyed it as a "new car". By the third month I'd already taken it in 6 times for the check engine light, and the last time they tried to charge me $60 to fix it because they said the problem was I didn't know how to close the gas cap! The car at that time was less than 3 months old! It wastes gas like crazy. I have to fill up every 2 days. It's very noisy. It's 4 years old and the a/c has broken 3 times, the water pump, the ball bearings, the engine vibrates and they've never been able to fix it; they always say it's the tires...

Not bad at all
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: We bought our 2002 Sedona as a used vehicle and it has been trouble-free thus far.
This van is comfortable, performance is competent, it offers a decent and quiet ride, and it is well equipped for the price.
Cons: Fuel economy could be better and the driver's seat offers inadequate support for the hips.
Rust was developing above rear licence plate housing due to a design flaw but Kia Canada will remedy the flaw (but not paint damage) free of charge.
Overall: No surprises here. You get what you pay for and there are better minivans out there -- all for a bigger...

a very nice vechicle
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: easy to handle, takes off well, comfortable leg room, good back bumper Cons: poorly devised rear loading space Overall: I am considering buying another one...

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