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KIA's Home Run
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: Some blind spots. Overall: It seems KIA went to the drawing boards and hit a home run with the styling of this classy mid-size car. Never really thought about buying a KIA until I noticed one on the streets and I had to look twice to make sure it was a KIA. I done a little home work and then decided to test drive one and I was really impressed. I purchased the LX model in black, one word comes to mind...elegant. The vehicle handles like a dream and when need be, very responsive at the pedal. We are a family of four and have plenty of interior room to stretch out on those long trips. If...

Kia Optima EX 2011
Source: Edmunds

...First noticed car at Boston Auto Show was able to test drive one there.
Really enjoyed it and decided that this was the car to go with, had been looking at a couple of others but this car seems to have a lot of value for the money...

Automatic Transmission Failure at 3600 Miles
Source: Edmunds

...The car made a very loud sound and lurched violently, at highway speed, frightening us both. The lurching was so violent that it may well have caused other damage. We were extremely fortunate not to have crashed. We then found that the car would not shift gears. The automatic transmission had gone out of our 2011 Kia Optima EX. We bought the Kia new on 1/8/11. The car had 3600 miles on it at the time of the catastrophic failure. This was our first Kia purchase (and last, I might add), and we are very disappointed. Needless to say, we were shocked by this dangerous occurrenc...

KIA SX Optima
Source: MSN Autos

...It has great handling for a car its size. Approx 20 inches longer than my BMW 330i. Comparing the 2 driving capability is remarkably the same. Honestly! I owned 2 330i's and this car is very much the same steer and drive as my I6 BMW was. It is amazing and the gas mileage of around 30 MPG Highway and City daily!! MPG is all about how you drive your vehicle and NO I am not a slow driver but I am not going to spin my wheels to be the first off the start line either burns too much fuel. Cons: The sunroof controls are sensitve but once you figure it out how to open just the interior and not the...

The kids love it! Nuf said.
Source: Edmunds

...Roomy interior, extreme leg room in the back for 3 kids ages 10, 13 and 17. Has all the bells and whistles you need, and more. Great looking, sporty, opted for a silver EX with Premium package right off the showroom floor. It didn't have the UVO nav-ent. system, but you should consider it. So far we are very happy with our purchase and would highly recommend this vehicle. Over 3 weekends, we test drove or saw all the competition and the Optima was the classiest ride, and best bang for the buck...

What fun!
Source: Edmunds

...We've had it 2 weeks, 800 miles. Great car, especially considers all the features vs.
cost. In shopping, this was the first we tried. Then drove Accord and Fusion.
Optima easily surpassed those. We're were going to look at Mazda6, Altima and Camry too, but we liked the Optima so much we decided to curtail shopping...

You can't find me cause I'm out riding in my new car.
Source: Edmunds

...So much value and fun. The car is beyond quick. Sporty ride and I have no issues with the steering.
I'm 6' 5" and I don't have the seat all the way back.
The interior is gorgeous and comfortable. All the gadgets are useful and fun. I get all sorts of comments on the look and style. Can't recommend enough...

2009 Optima SX

...We have had no mechanical problems. We have one complaint and it's the posted mpg. The city mix mpg is no where near the posted sticker mpg!! We are lucky to get 21 mpg in the city/highway mix! Which I was told the city mix should be around 25-27 mpg. The car is rated 22city/32 highway. I'm guessing to get the posted mpg you must have all electonics off including the climate control. But overall I should not complain about a few miles on the mpg when the car runs and drives very nice."...

unbelievably good value
Source: Edmunds

...I bought this car in early July and drove from Chicago to Colorado and back in August so I already have almost 5000 miles on this car.
I love almost everything about this car so my complaints are really nit picky.
The city gas mileage isn't great (15-20) but we got almost 33 mpg on the trip to Colorado where we averaged over 70 mph.
In Eco mode the transmission seems to downshift abruptly when you are decelerate.
The routing on the GPS and the POI library isn't great so I am continuing to use my TomTom GPS unit.
Other than that I am thrilled with the car. The...

Out does ford products

..."I have owned my Optima since January 2011, and the vehicle has performed super.
I now have 11091 miles and the dealer has been super in their service, (Oil changes).
I do have questions asked what is it and I comment a KIA that thinks it is an Audi. Again A great vehicle and is performing up to every thing that was stated by the Dealer."...

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