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Worst Diesel Out There

..."We purchased the Diesel version of the G.C. because we already own a Dodge Ram Diesel and it gets AMAZING Fuel Economy.
Our G.C. doesn't even get the minimum. Not to mention the fact that it is on it's 3rd transmission in 8 months!
It continues to have problems, and we continue to take it in for service.
They keep telling us they can't find anything wrong with it. On top of that, the backseat isn't large enough for a rear-facing car seat. Too bad. We had high hopes for it."...

NIce Truck a love driving it

..."This is a very good SUV I've had ti for a few mounths now and i havnt had any trouble with it.
It handles very well in the snow as well as light off roading. i have not had the chance to take it many places off roading but so far i have been unable to get it stuck."...


..."i drove almost every suv out there across country,
i have to say that jeep grand cherokee has put alot
of everything in this jeep its at the top for ride
and handling i have to admit that it does ride better than lexus for halve the price it could do a little better on milege but ride and handling make up fo it.
my next suv will probly be another jeep but i dont know who to give this one too."...

Best Grand Cherokee yet

..."This is the third Grand Cherokee I have owned and it rides so much better than the others. It is like riding in a luxury car."...

Not a good car for a real beginner

..."The car has some unrealiable hondling issues in the rain.
It is a very light car sitting up high so flipping is easier to do.
I would recommend the Grand Cherokee it is more luxurious and safer and you can still take it on the back roads.
The cherokee is a good car but i would recommend that you test drive it first. For a weekend."...

Best First Car

..."This is my first car with 138,000 miles on it.IU have
not had any problem with is very dependable.It has great features for a Jeep.The ride of it is smooth riding also for a Jeeo.Most Jeeps are hard riding.Very comfortable
,very responsive.I would recommend this Jeep to anyone.I have saw some that they will run up to 400,000 miles.Gas on it is not too bad for a SUV."...

Jeep: an American Standard

...The Grand Cherokee handles well on the curves of the mountain roads and stays balanced, never giving that top heavy feeling. It also does great on the highway when accelerating into traffic, changing lanes, or passing.There is plenty of cargo space, and the back seats lay down flush with the floorbaord of the cargo area, creating even more space. The design of the interior/exterior is edgy enough to look like an SUV, without being so rounded that it looks like a mini-van. The only drawback I have found with the Grand Cherokee is that it is not the most fuel effecient car. Overall the car has...

Piece of garbage

..."No headroom.Poor mileage.Tires shot at only 22,00 miles.Transmission fluid leaked out.Horrible trade in value.Tires rub on hard turns.Engine loud and weak."...

Worst car EVERRR!!!
Source: Edmunds

...I purchased my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee brand new right off of the lot so that I would not have to worry about having car troubles.
This car has been nothing but troubles! First it started stalling right after I would begin driving.
I took it in and they replaced the ESM module. Then one year later it began stalling again, once while I was going 70 mph on the highway!
So, I took it in again... and they replaced the ESM module...
Again! I filed a complaint with Chrystler and they said that if it happens again they will look into it.
Well, 6 months later, my car...


..."I aquired my GC used in Oct. of 2007 as a 2007 model.
It had approximately 17, 900 miles on the odometer.
I can honestly say that this is the best vehicle i have ever owned.
I have 53km on it to date and have enjoyed every one of them.
It rides and drives like a dream. I just took it on a 1600 mile round trip and it didn't so much as hiccup while getting 23+ mpg on the highway.
I intend on keeping it for a really long time and its certainly making a convincing case for itself. I would recommend buying one to anybody!"...

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