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Pleasure to drive
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Handling and overall performance is incredible.
The engine is silky smooth at any speed. Wind noise (none).
Gas mileage. Side airbags & all the tie downs & supports for child seats.
Leather. Trunk space. Climate control. Cons: No compass or temp.
gauge. Overall: Great family car with the performance of a sports car (V6.) Much more room in the front and especially the back than it looks.
You do give up some comfort (feel the bumps) for the great handling. Something to consider if you spend most of your driving on roads w/ less upkeep. For the money you cannot...

Awesome tow vehicle
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Excellent towing capability. Plenty of room. Cons: Rough ride, few interior features: only 2 cup holders, no compass option, no cooler option....
Overall: This is my second Express. I keep buying them for the towing and room.
I pull a 30 foot 8000 lb travel trailer with no problem.
GM needs to get with it, there are 12 seats in this van and only 2 cupholders. obviously the designer has never had kids! I put 35,000 miles a year on this vehicle...

Great Car!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Very stylish, sleek lines. Luxurious interior.
Performs and handles great. Millennium Silver/Black combo one of the bests.
Inline 6 provides good balance. Cons: VVT makes acceleration a little hesitant at times.
Head rests do not provide good support. No extra power jacks. No compass reading. Overall: Overall great car for the money. Nice blend of "sport" and "luxury"...

The WoW factor

...For the most part it averages 27. The interior is actually very roomy; I've had four other adults car pool with me and not one complained about being over crowded(this were family members and they would have said something). The car handles pretty good too. Its a nice, smooth enjoyable ride. This car is worth every penny I paid for it. So far it has not given me any problems and I did take it to the mechanics so that they could do a thorough inspection on it. The maintenance on it is also very simple. For the most part is oil changes until you get to 60K miles. I bought the life time tire...

A Fair Review at 10,000 Miles
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Comfortable interior. Excellent navigation system.
Great stereo. V6 has good acceleration and passing power.
Seats are great...even on long trips. V6 gets 30+ mpg on highway.
Cons: None so far. Overall: Best bang-for-the-buck mid-sized sedan on the mkt in my opinion.
Comfortable, powerful, good mpg, good stereo, outstanding Navigation system, sunroof, dimming compass mirror, tinted windows......all for around 27,000 bucks.
You just can't beat that. that's why the Accord has been on Car and Driver's Top Ten Best for 11 years...

Luv my white compass!!!

..."We have had our compass now for 5 months, already have about 10,000 km on it.
It drove us all the way from Toronto to Florida and back with no problems.
You can depend on this car!!! We did have to take it in about 2 weeks after the trip for a minor repair which was the air conditioning tub broke and some water was dripping onto our feet,
other then that the only con is the headrests are not comfy."...

The Ultimate Luxury Car
Source: MSN Autos

...Very plain dash.I don't know what Cadillac was thinking,you would think that since this "IS" the flagship of the Cadillac line the dash would have a few more gadgets like a compass,temp gauge,and a message center to name a few.Don't get me wrong I love my "96 Fleetwood"but they could have put forth a little more effort so the dash wouldn't look like a big picnic table Overall: I give it an overall rating of 10 except for a very plain dash console this is an exceptional vechicle with speed style flare charm and a cloud like ride...

A Great Car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: the looks; the style; the handling Cons: small rear view mirrors; no compass or temperature (outside) indicator Overall: A great car, stylish, classic...

Source: MSN Autos

...I've had to replace the rear end 2x @ 80000 miles again 6 mos. later at 92000. Changed idler arms 2x, Belt tensioner 2x, both window motors, electric mirrors stopped working out of the blue, compass and outside temp. never worked properly. My driveway faces south, the compass says east, could be 75 degrees outside, temp says ice. Transmission was rebuilt @ 121000 miles. New brakes every 6 mos. Tires at least once a year. Fuel pump died on a trip out west. Power door locks recently quit working, side door doesnt close properly, aside from all this its a nice vehicle Overall: Trading up to a...

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