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Too much and get too little for the price
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Solid ride. Handles well. Cons: Not reliable. Too much down time. Poor gas mileage. Excessive noise. Overall: Would not buy another Jeep product and am trading it in this week...

All Jeep

..."The Commander is a great vehicle. Reliable. Safe--A dream in snow and ice. I'm impressed. Be aware of the blind spot, though!"...

Jeepers !!!

...The seatbelt was too short for my body type, and lastly, the back hatch was heavy and awkward to open because the helper cylinders only took over when the door was about half way up.The Commander has eliminated all three of these problems and has many more features that I find just simply wonderful. My favorite is the back up assist with video camera. The interior has much more headroom and legroom. The Hemi V8 is very powerful and responsive. I also love the on board navigation. All the controls on the steering wheel were well thought out and I love their placement/functions. All in all...

I got a lemon!
Source: MSN Autos

...I like the seats all folding down for room in back to carry extras. Cons: It has been in for warranty work four times since I bought it and is going back in on Tuesday. It's making an awful noise when giong over even small bumps in road. Windshield leaked. Air conditioning in back didn't work, that's quit working twice now. Some kind of seal had to be replaced. There was a drive line problem. Getting real expensive for rental cars and motels to take it in for warranty work, Jeep doesn't cover that. Overall: Nice vehicle other than I picked the lemon out of the bunch. Very comfortable to...

Most Fun Vehicle I've Ever Owned

..."Although a little expensive, it is definitely worth the cost.
This Jeep is extremely capable and comfortable too.
Where I live, it snows a lot and there is a lot of inclement weather. The Commander handled it extremely well and it seemed as though I was driving along on a summer's day...

Great Jeep

..."This has been my first Jeep and does not dissapoint.
There are many creative ways to store cargo and passengers.
Although the third row seating causes a blind spot when backing up, there is a video display to assist you and the third row provides great comfort and an enjoyable ride...

Nightmare commander
Source: Edmunds

...Where do I start with this thing? I bought a 2006 commander during the morning hours, as the day warmed up I turned on the A/C only to find out that it didn't work.
(only hot air), I took it back and they told me that they must have forgot to charge the air conditioner at the factory, so they charged the system.
It worked for a few days and then went dead again.
I took it back and was told it had a faulty "pipe" from the factory.
They fixed it and charged the system again. it worked for a while and went dead again.
(Its back in the shop again today). other problems...

what others dont see about jeep

..."i think its great, and i am glad i bought one and i am still thrilled to own one.its got all i want."...

Its got a Hemi baby
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Very stylish, looks great with the chrome package.
Love the Hemi power and vehicle is loaded with options.
Safety with airbags and 5 start rating on crash testing.
Cons: 2nd row seat is a little small and 3rd row seats do block the rear view mirror but with side mirrors and the backup camera who cares!
Overall: Owned for about a month now and no problems.
Rear latch did go bad and Jeep/Chysler replaced with no problems. This is our 1st Jeep and so far love it. Got a great deal on our 08 limited that was a demo vehicle with every option available...

This Jeep is Awesome
Source: MSN Autos

...The far back seats are perfect for my kids - and I don't have to sit back there so their size isn't my problem. The driver and front passenger accommodations are excellent. The visibility out the back is not good - but the side mirrors counter that just fine in my experience. I have never had so much as a close call because of that little back window. Overall: The styling is either "for you" or it isn't. It is definitely for me. The comfort level is terrific. With the entertainment package and the Hemi etc, I don't know what else you could ask for in full sized SUV - it is luxurious, it can...

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