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most luxurious car i've owned

..."spacious, luxurious, smooth riding, gorgeous, great
for my 3 kids and husband....LOVE my QX56....only one negative...bad gas mileage but i knew that going in.....don't think i will ever buy a different brand of SUV!"...

Tremendous evolution in the past 4 years
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Much smoother and quiter than my previous 2004 Armada 4WD LE. Cons: None Overall: Infiniti did a great job improving quality...

LOVE MY 08' QX56!

..."Although you should think twice if you cannot afford the payment along with the gas, this is the best SUV out there for the money, lots of bells & whistles and i love it!"...

"own One And You'll Understand"
Source: CarGurus

...Excellent State of The Art Technology with comfortable seating for seven people.
The structre of this SUV is what makes the QX56 a family car and an ALL terrain vehicle that can maintain normal engine temperature in all type of weather conditions.
Snow, Rain, River crossing, etc etc....REally recomend it, just without these SOARING GAS

Da Bling Bling
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: The vehicle is definitely a gas hog. We use it primarily in toting kids around town. Face it... any vehicle that seats 7 passengers comfortably is not going to go easy on the gas tank. It also takes some time to learn all of the features of the vehicle and how they work... the SUV definitely has some bling to it. Overall: Overall, we have been very happy with the vehicle. I may change my mind in the event of an accident as I understand they are expensive to repair, but hey... that's what insurance is for! I plan on driving safely anyhow. Keyless start, bluetooth, GPS, Xenon lights, nice...

Best for the money!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Almost everything. Cons: Locks don't lock automatically as the vehicle begins to move. Overall: No other vehicle comes close for this money...

1st SUV I've owned

...I currently owned an M5 BMW and an S550 mercedes Benz. I love luxury cars. But since I bought the QX56 for my wife, I have been driving since. I told her to take the Mercedes or BMW and I will take the QX56. The technology and comfort ride is amazing. It looks sharp outside and in. I test drove the Cadillac and Lincoln and either one impresses me. The QX56 is the SUV of the year hands down. The price is reasonable and you get a lot more then Cadillac and Lincoln has to offer. I had since recommended to 7 of my friends."...

The best motion and appearanced car i've had

..."this is an infiniti to top potential, it only has the best features, and for only 65,000 for 4WD or somewhere in that area, the 4WD is the best, and next year infiniti QX56 will go hybrid.
Check it out"...

Best Truck on the market

..."I've owned them all. My last vehicle was a Range Rover by Land Rover and believe it or not I like my 2008 QX56 better.
A very well built vehicle, smooth,quiet and strong.
Having 4 kids and pulling a boat was never so easy and fun.
great job Infiniti! Thank you for thinking of families like us. I can see this car will provide for my family for years to come. A must experience."...

Great Value

..."Whats to hate, people complain about gas mileage however didn't they just purchase a full sized SUV? Only option missing is a massager for the front drivers seat."...

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