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...Overall: Great...

Exciting Powerful New Sports Sedan
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Quicker off the dime than the previous I30's I have driven since 1999.
Interior instrumentation is convenient. Cons: Lack of fold down back seat in sedan as well as limited comfort for backseat passengers because of leg room.
Back seats are very comfortable though and rear air a plus.
Overall: Smaller than the I30 but added features may make it more popular with previous I30 consumers. Seats are very comfortable and drivers compartment impressive at night...

Great Car Love it.

..."The girlfriend has a 2006 compact Nissan, although she finds this car a bit big, says this one definitely drives better.
Exterior is a bit outdated, but has a lot of the features only available in loaded models in todays cars.
Lacks blutooth, cuz they didn't have bluttooth back then.
Sound is awesome, better than some of the custom aftermarket sound systems.
Favulous car and yes, the "REAL" wood lacquered steering wheel does get extremely hot in the summer, so I got some "SHADES"."...

can't beat it
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...Pros: the way it handles Cons: interior is little to small Overall: wounderful car...

Everyone i know loves my car!
Source: bumps hard, car's really fast and i'm tall, it's got plenty of leg room in the rear passenger seats, which most japnese car makers forget to add, so it handles like a sports car, has the comfort of a cadillac on long routes, man this car is so underrated i tell you, everybody taht drives my car tells me it drives nicer than theirs, i'm talkin 2007 Altimas, or newer benz...just one thing, the starter will go out on you at 100,000 miles which is about $200~ including labor. caRs nice!! and i get 26.5 mpg on the freeway too. if ur looking for a 4 door sedan look no further this is iT!!!!!!"...

Roomy, economical and comfy-a great value

..."The I30 is a great value. Yes, this is essentially the same as the Nissan Maxima, but considering that the Maxima is a very good car in itself, it's a great place to start.
I get very good mileage (22.5 avg; up to 29-30 on the highway @ 75-80 MPH).
I've had it a couple of years and only had to worry about routine maintenance.
The only thing I would change is the BOSE stereo. It's decent, but it's limited in its adjustability. Overall, the I30 is one of the best used car values available."...

best used car i've driven

..."picked up my uncle from the airport, and he said he felt like driving, he owns a Mercedes S-420, i'm not sure which year, but he said he really liked the feel and the ride of my car.
I've spent some where around$700 on repairs, but actually i guess it was only on all breaks,
transmission fluid flush and a starter, so really the starter was only thing that was bad, rest was basic maintenance. cant wait to own thew newer i 35's"...

Excellent family car
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...enjoyable trip -- great seats, excellent sound system (we sprung for the Nakamichi option), and an engine that handles California freeway cruising speeds (85 mph) with ease, with ample power for passing convoys and slowpokes. I also like the way the dealer takes care of servicing it for a reasonable price. Cons: There is not much that I dislike about this car. But because I live in Los Angeles, and have to commute in heavy traffic, it would be nice to be able to turn off half the power of the engine, because the car simply does not like to sit idle at a traffic light. It wants to move...

cool car
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...Overall: very nice car...

Great Value
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...Pros: Beautiful styling!! Great Value for the money!!!!!! Overall: Again, great car for the money!!! Would do it all over again!!!...

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