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Very Impressive
Source: MSN Autos

...There is ample leg room in the back seat so I would like to see the front seats be able to slide back farther than they do. It would allow for larger drivers to be comfortable and give more front leg room on trips. It picks up well in first gear but second gear is sluggish. I would like to see a five speed auto transmission available with the 2.7 engine. The speedometer would be easier to read upon a glance if there were 5 mph speed increments instead of just 10 mph increments. Overall: Very nice vehicle for the money. Good safety ratings other than the rollover issue which I think would be...

5 years and counting

..."Bought it with only 5000+ mileage in March of 2007 and now its 100000+ miles and it still runs great.
No major problem with it. Average MPG is about 20mpg combined highway and city driving.
On winter/hot summer maybe down to 18mpg with heater/AC in use while driving all the time.
I have the FWD 2.7 V6 and it drives good in Michigan winter on up to 4 inches of virgin snow on the highway. I'm planning to keep it for maybe another 100000 more miles."...

An Average Vehicle for a Great Price
Source: MSN Autos

...Maybe I am just paranoid! I wish it had automatic headlight like my Toyota - they are very convenient. Overall: Overall, I like the vehicle but miss some of the features of my Toyota. I think I am happiest as the big man in the small car, but that is just a presonal preference. I am not as excited as some of the others that reviewed the Santa Fe - to me, it is just a car. It is nice, but nothing to get really "pumped" over. I have less that 2500 miles, but my mileage has been about what I expected at 18-20. I drive mostly short trips to work and around town, and haven't taken a road trip yet...

watch out toyota
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Great Safety Record Cons: None Overall: Fantastic SUV...

good for some bad for me
Source: MSN Autos

...5th o2 sensor, 6th passenger side window motor) also the fan switch has been replaced three times since i owned it also don't like the roughly 18-20 i get on the interstate it wouldn't have killed them to put a overdrive as standard eiquipment also weak engine can,t tow as much as some 4 cylinders while not getting any where near the gas miladge Overall: thought i got a good deal on a sante fae from the dealership but instead got a horrible deal on a elantra(dealership loaner)instead still i do like the looks and price of the vehiccle ill just look elsewhere for my next one...

Go with the Limited, it's worth the extra money!

..."I bought the Hyundai Santa Fe Limited Edition, 2006, one year used.
For the money this is one of the best SUV's you can purchase.
The AWD works great in the snow. I live in Colorado so having an SUV as essential. The leather interior is very easy to keep clean and the sunroof is awesome to have open in the summer time!"...

ultimate truck
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: quitness confotable Cons: wind noise a high speed Overall: eexcellence...

A Dream Machine
Source: MSN Autos

...It's a great vehicle especially for the price and the warranty. Not only that the dealership was top notch in my book. They made me feel like one of the family. Cons: The gas mileage hasn't been too good but I'm sure as I break it in it will improve. Also the coin holder on the mid-console is not a good feature. If you load coins in it they make noise while driving. It would be better to have a coin holder some place else or even a small drawer like the Camry had. Overall: Hyundai has a definite winner with the Santa Fe. I'm more than pleased with the car, how it handles, the flexibility to...

I love my new car!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Very roomy and comfortable, handles like a car, easy to drive Cons: Maybe it's beacsue it's brand new but the gas mileage is HORRIBLE.
I'm getting only about 10-11 mpg city. Overall: Overall I'd say this is a great car.
You;re not going to find anything else like it for the price. Hopefully the gas mileage will get better once I break in the car more. It's getting slightly better with each tank of gas...

the best suv out there i love it
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: driving, how it handls. sound package price warranty Cons: its the best Overall: great buy think you hyundai...

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