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Accent Stinker
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...Pros: The warranty that comes with it. Cons: Car has no speed at all.
I have had several instances where the call stalls on me without warning.
The latest is driving on the highway at 60 mph and car acts as if it is gasping as if it is not getting gas to go. Overall: I would not recommend this car to my worst enemy...

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...Pros: THere was a plently of room for front and back seat passangers.
THere is a lot of trunk space. I liked the dark gray interior, which made it harder for stains to appear.
I liked the milages. Cons: I was able to got milage out my car, but it always seemed as if I was putting money into.
There was rust with under 3000 miles on the car. After 3 years the fan went and new routers were needed with the second set of breaks,
after 4 years I need to fix the exhaust pipe and replace the alternator and within 5 years the oil pan was rusted and need to be replaced,

The affordable dependable economic car.
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...Pros: Dependabilty, easy to handle.Has good pickup when it is needed.
(I have the 5 speed model) And it likes to go fast.
Cons: Although this vehicle is pretty cofortable either front seat or back, it is best suited for shorter people.
Overall: For a bare bones vehicle this has been a very comforable, very reliable vehicle. I was able to make payments during this troublesome time in history...

Economical and fun!
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...Pros: It gets over 350 miles to 8 gallons of gas. You do the math!
Thats city mileage! Cons: Now, it is small, but my 6ft 6in tall husband can drive it and it is a standard transmission!
there is way more head room than it looks like there is. Overall: I have never had to put more than oil and gas in that car. It is fun to drive and virtually maintenance free. I am glad I have it...

Great starter car
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...Pros: Remarkably reliable for the price Cons: Interior carpeting and trim seems to wear very quickly Overall: Great first car if you are looking for something cheap and reliable...

Not a lot of room for not a lot of money
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...Pros: Small car so its easy to get in and out of tight spots.
Cons: The inside is so small for me that I have trouble getting in and out even with the seat all the way back.
Overall: If your looking for a small car that doesn't need large amounts of maintance then this isnt hafe bad...

The Death Trap
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...Overall: This is a good car if you're only going to and from the corner grocery store. Other than that, the only thing I liked was the price. And I got what I paid for. Let's leave it at that...

Great sporty little car
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...Pros: Great Sporty Car. Plenty of power for anyone, and great on Gas Cons: The original stereo Overall: I have owned my 1999 Accent for almost 1 year now, and have put 20,000 great miles on it.
Bought it with 32,000 it has almost 53,000 miles on it now. I haven't had a single problem, except losing the gas cap. Great Car!!!...

Fine car.
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...Overall: Very nice clean car...

The Money Saver
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...Pros: 32 miles per gallon in the city and 39 miles per gallon on the highway, cant go wrong. Cons: Didnt come with an A/C. Overall: Great city car. Especially for parking and gas...

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