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Source: CarGurus

...we have the hybrid version alittle more expensive but grate on gass.
52 mpg somtimes and it can go fast to idk how but
u it can hit 80 no speed dile omiter it is just digital telling u xact # alot easer and its big not so luxurous 4 door seets 5 alot of trunk space to...

It Gets The Job Done
Source: CarGurus

...its a car I don't have to worry about. It's under warranty, honda's are bullet proof.
It will take me through college and then some. It drives ok, it has a good stereo, and I like the manual transmission. I don't know why I'm still typing, because this seems like enough...

Want An Si?buy It..
Source: CarGurus

...really,the car is great, but if you want something with more power etc,ust go with the si..i know it cost a lot more,but if you can afford it, go with it..
i'm not saying i regret getting my car..i'm just saying i wish i could have more money..hehe...

Amazing, And Gorgeous
Source: CarGurus

...i love this car, it has everything i could want or need.
Its got an AUX cord so i can plug in my ipod without a hassle, or use the USB port.
I love driving this car because i feel safe and i love how i can go forever on a tank of gas, it has the best gas mileage!...

Source: CarGurus

...Everything ever about it is awesomeeeee. I would recommend it to anyone.
Braking is kinda hard to get used to. It hasn't needed a repair yet, hopefully because it's brand new.
Exterior and interior are awesome. Costs about $30 to fill up the entire tank. Gets good mileage, both highway and city...

Love It
Source: CarGurus

...bought the car couple days ago and i love it handles great its fast when you need it but its a all around fun drive love taking it the back roads and it helps that i could get it in a four door...

Very Good For All Around Town And Commuting
Source: CarGurus

...Has anyone experienced a ticking noise in the engine at low revs? It sounds like the engine needs oil (it didn't).
The dealer's tech compared it w/another 2009 coupe and said it made the same noise. It's very noticeable idling at a light and in reverse...

Great Car
Source: CarGurus

...Great car, fun to drive. Not great for space, but gas mileage is unreal.
Handles great, good acceleration and handles turns really well. The 16" tires are ok, winter tires were pretty expensive for it. Would buy another one for sure...

It Drives Well And Handles Great Lol.
Source: CarGurus

...its a fun car, good gas mileage and good storage, all around i like the car,
its a great first car, a little over priced i think but maybe not, but if you buy a civic get the SI it has the v-tech engine...

I Wouldn't Trade It If It Died!
Source: CarGurus

...I LOVE MY NEW CAR!!! It comfortably seats four people and is great on gas!
Its quick when it needs to be & i don't even feel my car when im going 80. I even added new stickers to my car to personalize it!...

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